QuickBooks Online new features and improvements – January 2020

QuickBooks Online new features and improvements – January 2020

Welcome to another exciting year full of updates! We’ve resolved to kick off 2020 by giving you a first look at all the great features arriving in January for QuickBooks® Online.

What’s New in January

New and improved ProAdvisor support

Add third-party apps for clients

Updated Accountant Toolbox

Online Backup and Restore now included with QuickBooks Online Advanced

Introducing cash flow dashboard reports

New and Improved ProAdvisor support

In a nutshell: Get the help you need when you need it with our expanded ProAdvisor® support. Although ProAdvisor Platinum and Elite support are currently available most of the day on weekdays and with limited Saturday hours, we know that customer problems aren’t restricted to that window. That’s why we’re expanding our support offerings to cover our Platinum and Elite ProAdvisors any time, day or night, and offering new ways to get in touch or schedule a callback to spend less time waiting. Meanwhile, Silver and Gold ProAdvisors will continue to enjoy free, convenient phone and chat support.

In addition, video chat and scheduled callbacks are completely new to provide more flexible options for how you contact us. With scheduled callbacks, you can also set a time up to four weeks in advance for the times you need to call in with partners or clients. Need help now? Requesting a callback has been available for other teams, but this is a brand new support option for accountants, enabling you to hang up and get back to work until one of our agents is available to take your call.

How it works: Platinum and Elite ProAdvisors are being upgraded to premium support, which includes these great new benefits:

  • 24/7 support: Don’t lose sleep over a question—we’re available 24/7. Call or chat any time, day or night.
  • Specialized support: Getting in touch is free, and you’ll talk to our top specialists. Plus, share your screen any time for personalized help. You can also request video chats with an agent at any time.
  • Get a callback: Don’t feel like waiting on hold? We’ll automatically call you back when you get to the front of the queue.
  • Schedule a call: Schedule a callback up to four weeks in the future. Our team will call you when you’re available so you can avoid interruptions while you’re with a client.

Support Hours ScreenshotAdd third-party apps for clients

In a nutshell: If you’re a full access user in QuickBooks® Online Accountant, you can now add third-party apps for your clients. This capability is no longer limited to QuickBooks Online Accountant master admins in multi-user accounting firms. You’ll be able to find, connect, and manage apps for your clients in the one place where you do your work. Start unlocking more value for clients by finding and integrating new third-party tools for their business.

How it works: In the QuickBooks Online Accountant apps tab, full access users will now find the “Client apps” tab in addition to “Find apps’ and ‘Firm apps.”

Client Apps

Updated Accountant Toolbox

In a nutshell: We’ve redesigned the Accountant Toolbox to make it easier for you to find the tools or links you need. It also gives you the ability to view and make client notes while in your clients’ books. Instead of switching between client view and firm view to take notes separately, the notes taken in one section transfer for easy viewing later on. Your notes will automatically sync to the client details section and will only be visible to you.

How it works: Accountant Toolbox now contains two columns: quick links and tools.

  1. Quick links: Chart of accounts, journal entries, reconcile, reports, voided/deleted transactions, close books, and new windows.
  2. Tools: Bookkeeping review, notes, optimization center, reclassify transactions, report options, write off invoices, prep for taxes, and ProConnect Tax Online.

Accountant Toolbox

Selecting notes within the toolbox enables you to take client notes within their books that can later be viewed in your firm. These notes are only visible to you and other members of your firm.

Notes Accountants Toolbox

Online Backup and Restore now included with QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: QuickBooks Online Advanced now includes online backup and restore capabilities. Rest easy knowing that your clients’ data is backed up plus you can track changes and restore a client’s company to a historical point in time. Now, QuickBooks Online Advanced gives you and your clients the flexibility and peace of mind as business continues to grow.

How it works: Turn back time with online backup and restore. Here’s how it works:

  • Back up your QuickBooks Online company: Continuously and automatically back up your QuickBooks Online company changes and data.
  • Restore your company: Easily restore a specific version of your QuickBooks Online company based on any historical date and time.
  • Track company changes: View a log of all of your QuickBooks Online company version histories with a count of how many changes were made.

Online backup and restore

Introducing cash flow dashboard reports

In a nutshell: QuickBooks Online Advanced now includes a cash flow report that’s visible from your clients’ dashboard right when you log in. You can view and compare cash flow across categories over time. In detailed view, you’ll also see what’s driving changes to cash flow from Operating Activities, Investing Activities, and Finance Activities.

In addition, the cash flow dashboard report allows you to gain cash flow insights with the click of a button. Gone are the days of running multiple Statement of Cash Flows reports just to keep an eye out for changes. Quickly identify patterns of cash flows through trend lines and graphs, then drill down to review changes in cash for selected accounts and use that as a basis for further investigation.

How it works: Get to know your clients’ cash flow and what drives it:

  • Know your clients’ cash flow at a glance: Quickly view the cash flow trends with auto-populated trend lines or customize reporting time periods using built-in filters.
  • Analyze what’s driving change: Drill down into cash flow categories directly from the dashboard card and identify change in accounts.
  • Benchmark and compare: Compare cash flow from different time periods.
  • Quality check transactions: Receive alerts to review whether transactions were entered correctly whenever cash flow numbers differ significantly from baseline numbers.

Cash Flow summary

That’s all for now. Until next time, as always, keep your feet on the ground … and your books in the cloud.