QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – May 2017

QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – May 2017

At Intuit®, we’re constantly working to make improvements for you to serve your clients. Here’s a summary of our most recent enhancements in QuickBooks® Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA), including new QBOA Practice Management features, QBOA Notes, a new reconciliation experience, time tracking for mobile and more. To see our previous updates, click here.

What’s New

New Practice Management Features Inside QBOA are Ready to Help You Stay on Top of Your Deadlines

Your QuickBooks Online Accountant now comes with practice management features built in, so you can easily make sure nothing falls through the crack.

Effortlessly manage your workflow: Stay organized by creating and assigning projects and tasks. Tack status in real time from a single dashboard on your computer or mobile device.

Efficiently communicate with your clients: Send messages and share documents securely from within QBOA. Track the status of document requests and messages at a glance within your dashboard. You can access all shared documents into your client list details.

For more information on the latest practice management features, click here.

A Brand New Navigational Experience in QBO and QBOA

Based on feedback, we are excited to roll out new navigation changes to QBO and QBOA, in an effort to improve your productivity, efficiency and online experience.

You will notice significant enhancements in many areas, including banking, sales (money in), expenses (money out), employees, reports, taxes, accounting and apps. In addition, the new interface requires fewer clicks to get to key activities and has personalization to match customer needs.

We hope you enjoy the new navigation changes, and of course, always welcome your feedback to continue to improve the way you work.

Capturing and Tracking Notes in QBOA Just Got Better (Coming Soon)

QBOA just got a new "Notes" tab in your clients details, so that you can easily capture notes, see who and when a note has been created, and whether it has been edited. Here’s how it works:

  • The notes you’ll capture will now be automatically stamped with time and author. The notes can be viewed and edited by all team members who have access to that client.
  • You can also pin a note that is important or permanent, so it is easy to get that information at a glance.
  • Links with the URL can be captured and recognized in the notes.

New and Exciting Reconciliation Experience Delivers Powerful Benefits (Coming Soon)

The current reconciliation experience is out, and a new reconciliation experience is in – one that is faster and more intuitive so that you will save more time and worry less.

The new version allows you to easily edit and filter transactions to make reconciling faster. The experience also contains a new discrepancy report that immediately tells you if your beginning balance is off and directly helps you fix errors to take the pain out of finding altered or deleted transactions.

Want to learn more? Click here. Also, watch this video for a reconciliation demo and you will be on your way to enjoying the benefits of the new reconciliation experience.

Time Tracking for Mobile: A New, Refreshed Look

As accountants, you are often working on the go – and so are your clients. That’s why we have time tracking for mobile! Only this time, it’s gotten a makeover.

While still fast and easy, it now sports a fresher appearance. The legacy classic experience, which didn’t match the look and feel of QuickBooks Online (QBO), is gone.

We know that many time tracking users are field employees and there weren’t options available to track time on mobile. Now, QBO Plus subscribers can add time tracking only users to enter general time, billable time and time for payroll.

Want to see exactly what this refreshed look is all about? Click here to learn more.

New QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced for Accountants Pricing

Beginning Aug. 1, 2017, pricing will increase on QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced for Accountants. The current annual price of $545 will soon be $575, and the current monthly price of $54 will rise to $57.50.