QuickBooks Payments is now even better: See the improvements we’ve made

QuickBooks Payments is now even better: See the improvements we’ve made

This past year, we heard feedback from accounting professionals just like you, and in response, we’ve made big changes in QuickBooks® Payments. These improvements should make life easier for you and your clients.

What we heard

  • “Please, please, please allow recurring invoices to automatically charge the customer.”
  • “When funds get held for potential risk or fraud reasons, we get it. It’s necessary, but please make the process more clear and manageable.”
  • “When matching bank feed transactions to the appropriate invoices and sales receipts, sometimes we can’t tell which transactions should be matched, especially when multiple customers get charged the same amount on the same day.”

What we’ve done

Recurring invoices with automatic payments (Autopay) is now live in limited beta testing and will be released broadly, soon. Now, when customers view their recurring invoice to pay it, they simply check the box to agree to the recurring payment terms, and opt-in to be charged automatically going forward. Customers will receive a receipt every time they are charged and can cancel anytime. See how easy it is to set-up Autopay in the video below.

We’ve added a new Resolution Center within QuickBooks, with clear updates and alerts letting users know when transactions are being held, why they’re being held, and what the user needs to do so that we can remove the fraud checks and release the funds. We also make it really easy to chat with our team and submit any required documentation. See a sample of the new transaction alert below.


We’ve updated the QuickBooks Online deposit list, so that you can easily see all of the transactions in each batch that hits your bank account. Simply click on a transaction to see the details such as a sales receipt, invoice, and more.


Coming soon: Improved bank feed transaction matching for payments processed through QuickBooks Payments. This is especially important when customers process payments of the same amount across multiple days. To achieve this, a unique deposit identifier will be passed to financial institutions that partner with Intuit®.

Questions we’ve been asked

Q: Would my clients benefit from using QuickBooks Payments?

A: QuickBooks Customer Billing is designed to save time for you and your clients, and to help automate your business. At the same time, we’re doing our best to keep pricing at par with other payments platforms.

Q: How do I get my clients set up to use QuickBooks Payments?

A: There are two ways for your client to sign-up:

  1. To pass along your exclusive ProAdvisor 20 percent discount on the monthly subscription fee to your client, you’ll need to call us with your client on the phone. Call Sales to get set-up: 888-236-9501.
  2. Or, your client can sign in to QuickBooks Online Accountant. From the left navigation bar, choose Sales and then choose Overview. From the Overview screen click on the green “Start” button in the “Set up online and in-person payments” box, as shown below.


Learn more about the benefits of having your clients use QuickBooks Payments.