QuickBooks ProAdvisors Are the Jedi Knights of Accounting

In this unique “fireside chat,” moderated by Joe Woodward, at a recent Scaling New Heights, the crowd - mostly QuickBooks ProAdvisors® – listened to the wit and wisdom that could only come from Intuit’s® president and CEO, Brad Smith. The following quotes are highlights from the chat.

Importance of ProAdvisors to Intuit: “ProAdvisors are the Jedi Knights. They are insightful and trained to see the future. They also recognize that Intuit may not be keeping pace with the industry. What they can do to help is continue to be our eyes and ears – telling us what they need and what their clients need. We need ProAdvisors to help us stay ahead of the marketplace.”

Status of QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online: “Desktop will not go away. We know this by having gone through multiple platform transformations. Every client matters. Every relationship matters. We want to help everyone see the future, but you don’t leave a customer behind and there are not going to be any arbitrary decisions. That’s not who we are – we are a customer-centric company.

“Our future, however, will be the cloud. We wan to make QuickBooks very compelling for customers who don’t want to leave the desktop product, but we are also making available the transition to the cloud when they want to make the change. ProAdvisors are our brand ambassadors and will be instrumental in helping with this effort.”

QuickBooks Online: “QBO isn’t just an accounting product; it’s a platform. What Intuit is doing is seeing our acquisitions leverage the technology to tell an entire ecosystem story. As you look to the future, there are four fundamental shifts occurring: Participation-driven Innovation, the world’s borders have come down, the shift to mobile and the era of big data. QBO has to be on open platform that is like an operating system. As a platform, QBO is completely reimagined, sold in 190 countries and kicking butt!

Intuit is the pioneer of cloud accounting. We launched QBO in 2001, but we didn’t just discover the importance of accountants and ProAdvisors; they have been our partners for more than two decades. We weren’t born in the cloud, but we weren’t born yesterday, either. I welcome the completion and respect them. We’re ready to put our products in the market and see how our future shapes up.”

About QuickBooks Connect: “This next event (in San Jose, Nov. 15-17) will be the biggest event Intuit has ever put on; what we’re doing is bringing the small business ecosystem together with accountants, users, developers and partners in one place where we can learn from each other, learn from Intuit, network and leave the conference a better accountant and a better consultant. We will stand on each other’s shoulders and participate with folks around the globe.

“We see our conference as a ‘conference community within a conference community,’ and QuickBooks Connect totally supports the ongoing relationship between Intuit and Scaling New Heights. The most engaged ProAdvisors will want to be part of both events.”

Following the fireside chat, Brad answered questions from the audience. Joe closed the general session by announcing the venue for next year’s Scaling New Heights: Orlando, June 4-7.