How to Determine Costs Not Assigned To Jobs in QuickBooks

Clients who use job costing run job costs reports with the expectation that the reports include all job costs. QuickBooks® does not contain predetermined reports to identify transactions that have not been assigned to a job. A Profit and Loss by Job will contain all jobs with activity during the period specified in columns across the report; however, those costs not assigned to jobs will not be contained in the report.

To determine costs not assigned to a job, select the Profit and Loss Report for the period under review. Use the column option of the top of the report to select Job. This report will be exactly the same as the Profit and Loss by Job report already defined in the Report Center, with one important difference, a column entitled No Name In which are all of the costs not associated with a job will appear. QuickZoom on any row in the column to see the detail of the costs that have not been assigned to a job.