Quotient: Online Estimating and Proposal Software for Small Businesses

Quotient: Online Estimating and Proposal Software for Small Businesses

The idea for Quotient came from our previous business, a web design and development agency. Back in 2007, we developed our own quoting system to manage all of our quotes. The system would email our client a link to the quote, where we could view and accept it online. It looked innovative and professional, helping set us apart when we were competing on jobs.

Our clients frequently asked if we could build them a similar quoting system. So, in late 2010, we began building Quotient from the ground up, so that others could use it in their businesses. We officially launched Quotient in December 2011.

Functionality and Main Features

Quotient is an online quoting and proposal software that lets you create, send and manage your quotes in the cloud. You can take engagement to a whole new level and present quotes in the best light by including images, videos, files and website links directly in the quote.

Clients can easily see when customers open quotes. And, if deals start to cool off, Quotient will automatically alert you to quotes that need following up, along with a pre-written email message ready to send. While quote items can be optional, you can also include multiple-choice items and let customers choose their own quantities. Any selections or choices made by the customer are calculated automatically on the fly and reflected in the easy-to-understand summary and quote total. Customers can post questions directly on the quote, which notifies everyone instantly, with a Q&A "paper trail" staying permanently with the quote. To accept a quote, the customer simply checks a box stating they understand the terms, and then clicks “Accept Quote.” Everyone is notified by email of the quote acceptance, and an itemized invoice is sent to QuickBooks® Online.

We feel Quotient makes for a simple and easy-to-use experience – from those who create quotes, right through to the customers who accept quotes.

Customer Feedback

“We talk with our customers every day, so we have a good overview of how people are using Quotient, and what else they’d like to do with it,” the team says. “We receive a lot of great feedback and ideas, which helps us to evolve and improve Quotient over time. Everything we do is with our customers (and especially their customers) in mind. Often, the most rewarding features are the ones our customers tell us they didn’t know they needed until after we released them, and then they wonder how they got by without them.” 

We exhibited at QuickBooks Connect in 2016, and on the first afternoon, we had a constant stream of people visiting our booth, which we were most excited by. People were telling us they’d heard about Quotient from the main stage, which made us curious.

We soon learned that one of our wonderful customers, Karine Woodman of 24hr Bookkeeper, had won the Firm of the Future just that morning. Karine was on stage, collecting her award, and was asked about which top apps she uses to run her firm. Needless to say, Quotient was given a great plug! We were most grateful for the stream of people that ensued.

Karine recently shared her experience with Quotient: “I’ve used this software for almost two years, and it’s the best option out there,” she said. “Quotient provides clean and professional proposals that make us look very professional. The fact that my clients can accept online and comment if they have any questions has streamlined the proposal process. The option for presenting templates makes doing proposals easy and fast. The pricing is reasonable and I couldn’t imaging not using this as part of our sales process.”

Working With QuickBooks

Since partnering with Intuit® and integrating with QuickBooks Online at the beginning of 2016, their U.S. customer base has grown by 283 percent. In fact, the United States is now our fastest growing region, and we largely have Intuit to thank for this. In 2016, we were a finalist in the QuickBooks Connect App Showdown, so we got to pitch Quotient against nine other apps. While we didn’t win, we found the whole experience invaluable.

“We love working with Intuit to provide seamless solutions, so that our mutual customers can get the best out of Quotient and QuickBooks Online together,” the team says. 

Who We Cater To

Quotient is suited to the creative, technology and professional service industry, along with the construction and trades sector. It’s ideal for single operators, freelancers and small teams of five to 50 people.

Way Forward 

Don’t sell your time; sell your value! Agreeing on pricing prior to undertaking work is much easier than haggling over pricing after the work has been done.

You make the best money when you quote upfront. When you quote (and, therefore, charge) well, you can do better work and provide better service to your customers.

Remove roadblocks by giving customers additional options. This gives them a perceived lower price so that you don’t scare them off, and it empowers them to pick and choose as they accept your offer.