Randy Mittasch Discusses QuickBooks Online

Randy Mittasch, CPA shares why he prefers QuickBooks® Online cloud accounting software for his clients.



Mary Beth about four or five years ago showed me QuickBooks Online at one of these seminars. After that, I had 12 clients. I quickly moved them all to QuickBooks Online, loved it. It was great. Now I have like 21 out of 22 people on QuickBooks Online.

The best part is when they call up I can log right in on them. They're like, "Well, how do I do this," or "Oh, I made a mistake." I can see the transaction they did. I can reverse the transaction. I can even tell them, "Oh, you want to run a report comparison year to year? Do this, this, this," and I'm walking through right with them.

                                    Then I see the same numbers as them. I'm able to say, "Now, if you want to know ... oh, look, this seems a little high," you could click on it, you could see all the expenses in there. I can say, "Oh, you put in something in the wrong account." I can fix it right there while they're watching me. It's all happening at the moment, at the moment, and that's the best part.