#RecipeForSuccess: How to Set up a Client With Payroll

#RecipeForSuccess: How to Set up a Client With Payroll

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Master Chef: Carrie Kahn

At Complete Business Group, we love QuickBooks® … and QuickBooks becomes even more robust and exciting when you take advantage of the integrated payroll options. These options can save you time, and also save you and your clients money; I believe the prices for Intuit® payroll are lower than other payroll options – for example, there’s a 40 to 50 percent savings from ADP or Paychex. And, with QuickBooks’ full service payroll options, paychecks and payroll taxes are guaranteed error-free.

The major benefit to setting up a customer in QBO’s full service payroll is that Intuit does the setup for you! You no longer have to wait until November or December to set up payroll; it can be done any time of year.  

These options also work great with TSheets, one of the top-rated apps on the QuickBooks App Center. The combination is a huge time-saver, allowing employees to clock in on their cell phone, computer or even the new Kiosk that replaces old punch clocks. There are many other features, including a GPS, scheduling and tracking PTO, that make this a great enhancement for your clients.

Main Ingredients:

Optional: (If Full Job Costing is Needed):


Step 1: Select the QuickBooks Online option that’s best suited to your company needs.

Step 2: Add QBO Full Service Payroll subscription.

Step 3: Add TSheets Time Tracker, which is now integrated directly in QBO. You no longer have to approve time in TSheets and then send them to QBO; it’s all completed in one place.

Step 5: Set up your QBO file.

Step 6: Work with the Intuit Payroll team to setup your QBO Full Service payroll. There is no extra fee for the setup to be done for you.  

Once your setup is complete, you will have one product that you can access anywhere. You and your clients will be able to run your books, approve time, track overtime if necessary and prepare payroll, and know you will be in compliance with your payroll tax payments and filings.

When Job Costing is Needed:

If you need full job costing, we recommend QuickBooks Desktop for job costing needs. In that case, the recipe is a little modified:

Step 1: Select the QuickBooks Desktop product that’s best suited for your company needs. Expert tip: If you need anywhere access, we recommend hosting.  

Step 2: Add QuickBooks Assisted Payroll. Intuit pays the taxes, prepares the payroll tax filings and guarantees compliance.

Step 3: Add TSheets Time Tracker!  Your time is managed in TSheets and imported into your QBDT Product.

Step 4: After your initial setup for the Desktop product is done, you can then setup the payroll and add the QB Assisted payroll subscription. This will allow Intuit to pay payroll tax withholdings and file payroll tax returns.

Step 5: Finally, add your TSheets setup to use Intuit Web connector to be able to import your time into your QuickBooks Desktop product.

With either recipe, you are eliminating the need for manual entries, bank reconciliations are easier and your reporting is more accurate. With Full Service Payroll, conversions are smoother for customers who are on ADP or Paychex because the setup team can log right into their account. Not only will they save money on payroll processing fees; they will also get their setup for FREE!