Recommended productivity apps: Dext

Recommended productivity apps: Dext

Welcome to another article in an ongoing series about apps and how they can increase your productivity.

This recommendation comes from QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Jonathan Bello of One 8 Solutions, LLC:

Dext Logo

Dext has become an integral part of the One 8 Solutions’ tech stack for three reasons:

  1. It is a great repository for collecting various documents for a business, including bills, receipts, checks written, checks received, and various documents, such as loans.
  2. Dext increases the efficiency of data entry; it also has OCR capture of information from documents and  the ability to build out simple to complex rules for coding those documents.
  3. One 8 Solutions has a specified workflow for handling new vendors identified in Dext to make sure we are completing the vendor setup in QuickBooks® Online and Desktop to make sure W9s go out to new vendors.

We train our clients on Dext, first, because it is the majority of the source of transactions in most of my clients’ books. For example, I have a client where we’re probably processing 30 to 40 bills and other transactions daily – maybe even upwards of 100. With that level of transaction volume, One 8 Solutions would not have been able to support it without the help of technology.

We will continue to use apps as the come out, augment the services we support, and hopefully find efficiencies in apps to improve profitability.