The New Workforce Model in Bookkeeping Today

In every professional and industry I look at right now, there is a shortage. A lack of talent regarding people to grow, learn and expand. But, when I look at the FaceBook posts or LinkedIn messages, there are a lot of individuals looking for work. Where is the disconnect? Why are employers or clients consistently looking, and why are the employees or bookkeepers seeking new jobs?

The funnel of the bookkeeping and accounting workforce is depleted. If you think of the talent, the most skilled have found work. Employers or clients are now looking to fill the positions based on the prior staffing recruitment. Educated, motivated, proactive and communicative are highly employable skills.

The economy has emerged from recession and growth is tremendous. Clients are experiencing a need in bookkeepers to help with the evolution, while CPAs and accountants need people to support tax planning and their direction to advisory services.

However, the talent that has completed the most desired skill sets are already employed. So the next few layers of workforce need to have training and education. Unfortunately, most people never consider going to get a tutelage or believe that they can gain knowledge on their own. The theme is, “I’ll pick up a few webinars and get my information to brush up on my skills.” That may have worked before we integrated and complex situations in the workforce, but the self-education model is not a sustaining prototype. Continuing education and work experience training are what is required to keep pace in the professions that are always on the move.

Available Workforce:

There is also a trend to start your company. The independence is appealing along with the “freedom” to make the work environment your own.

We all know that starting a business is far from easy. Planning, learning, support and business goals are a far cry from just connecting a few apps, and getting data entered and reconciled.  Let’s face it; that is how most bookkeeping businesses get started. The bookkeeper moves from one client then adds another and another, and voila! Business is created.

So where does this leave the workforce?

Companies that are willing to hire someone who is less educated requires more training and more work experience. Bookkeepers and accounting professionals need to get more education under their belt, along with the work experience, to become employable.

The solution is ICBUSA, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the professional organization that takes the marketplace of members and helps employers to find educated professionals that fit the need in the community.

Independent verification of skills and ability is required before the organization places an "investment" into a prospective candidate. Likewise, the candidate must get the work experience and verification to have more choices of work in the marketplace.

ICBUSA raises standards in the profession by offering the independent validation on educational fundamentals. New community resources include business development courses or workplace internship to help grow a community network of qualified bookkeepers.

The fast pace of the profession isn't going to slow down anytime soon. No longer does it matter if you are the "prospective" employer or the "potential" bookkeeping candidate; time can't be wasted on making poor decisions. Maximize your options by putting fundamentals in place to make better candidates and creating an advantage on the pursuit of success.

Use your ICBUSA membership to give you the competitive advantage. Sign up for your ICBUSA membership today.