Running an Accounting Business From Your Smartphone

Running an Accounting Business From Your Smartphone

These days, it’s rare to meet someone who does not have a smartphone, especially someone in business. Maps, calendars, note pads and email are all applications on a smart phone that you probably use on a daily basis. In fact, they have become so crucial in our day-to-day lives that it is difficult to remember what it was like without them.

There is a popular slogan that Apple released, which says, “There’s an app for that,” suggesting that there is an app for everything. Here are some of the great, simple apps I suggest in running your business (Android version included if applicable):

  • QuickBooks® Online – to view and make entries to your books.
  • Google Drive – lets you make notes on Google’s version of Word or Excel, in the cloud, that can be accessed and edited from a computer or multiple users: Android version or ITunes version.
  • Calendar – syncs immediately with your calendar on all devices, including your computer
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) – lets you remotely log in to your computer from your smartphone
  • SignNow – allows you to sign PDF or Word documents right from your phone
  • Passbook – stores airline tickets, or other membership cards, so that they can be scanned directly from your phone screen; included in iOS.
  • Bank – your bank will have an app that allows you to make transactions and view activity
  • Email – sign up multiple email accounts to your phone; included in iOS and Android.
  • Scanner – allows you to take pictures of your documents or receipts from your phone and automatically convert them into a PDF document.
  • Mileage Log – to keep track of your work-related mileage.
  • Business Card – keeps track of all business cards by taking a picture of a card when you receive it.
  • Voice Recorder – takes voice notes when you don’t have the time to type it out; included in iOS.
  • Calculator – can be used as a simple calculator or as a scientific calculator for higher functions; included in iOS and Android.
  • Yelp – helps you decide on nearby businesses you are searching for, including hotels and restaurants: iTunes version or Android version.

And we could go on and on.

Lesson: Smartphones can assist you in your business from anywhere. Don’t underutilize them.