Recap of the Scaling New Heights Event

What do you get when you combine hundreds of QuickBooks ProAdvisors® with the Intuit® ecosystem? You get Scaling New Heights, held June 15-18 in San Antonio, where numerous sessions, certification training and a lot of discussion about QuickBooks® Online occurred.

In fact, Joe Woodard of Woodard Consulting and the Scaling New Heights’ conference, was emphatic about QuickBooks in the Tuesday General Session address: “You must embrace QuickBooks Online.”

Woodard’s view of the future is filled with optimism, primarily in the way the accountant will “interpret the numbers” rather than continue functioning as they are in only processing the numbers. His theme for the future includes business process outsourcing.

“If you think your clients won’t pay for your services in business process outsourcing, you’re wrong,” said Woodard, who advises accountants to rid themselves of the client who does not want to go to the next level.

More highlights from Scaling New Heights will run on Intuit Accountants News Central over the next few days.