Scoring Goals With Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online

Scoring Goals With Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online

The Firm of the Future blog is featuring a series of case studies, where promising companies are using Bill Pay for QuickBooks® Online (QBO) to take themselves to the next level.

The Challenge

Chris Domey never played hockey growing up, but when his son played for the Junior Railers nonprofit youth hockey organization, he decided to volunteer as the group’s treasurer. Managing more than a million dollars in revenue for more than 500 kids ranging from ages 4 to 18 meant multiple vendors – from ice rinks to uniform manufacturers – needed quick payment.

With his day job running distribution and logistics for Ocean Spray, it wasn’t practical for Chris to go into the Junior Railers offices every day. Because he’s the only one with the checkbook, sometimes that meant he was a bottleneck in the bill paying process. They also had issues with checks that expired before they were cashed, either by parents who were receiving refunds or small business vendors who spent more time worrying about the ice than the cash flow. 

Chris needed a quick and easy way to pay bills remotely so their small business vendors could get their payments faster – especially the many ice rinks needed during tournament season.

“We had logistical challenges getting vendors paid quickly before Bill Pay for QuickBooks, and now I can pay those bills from anywhere. It’s the convenience of Bill Pay for QuickBooks that I love. I can pay bills whenever and wherever I want. It just takes seconds.” – Chris Domey, treasurer and board member, Junior Railers Hockey

The Solution

Chris had been using QuickBooks Online for Junior Railers for six years, and when he heard that Bill Pay was being fully integrated into the product, he was excited to try it. He found Bill Pay easy to set up in QuickBooks. Because Bill Pay was fully integrated into QuickBooks Online, he didn’t have to go to multiple websites to get those invoices paid.

“Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online saves me time,” Chris says, “I linked to our bank account and I can see all the invoices and statuses in one place. And, our bookkeeping is automatically updated.”

Chris uses Bill Pay for QBO every week during hockey season and finds that being able to schedule all of the bills in advance helps him plan ahead. This is especially useful when he’s traveling for his day job.

The tracking feature enables him to keep tabs on the status of payment and receipt of multiple vendors, and has virtually eliminated the problem of expired checks that had to be re-issued because they weren’t cashed in a timely manner.

The reporting features in QBO also help him keep other board members apprised of the organization’s financials so they can use the data to make decisions.

“Bill Pay for QuickBooks has made my life easier.”

So, now the board at Junior Railers Hockey never has to think about skating on thin financial ice.

Editor’s note: Access the Bill Pay for and QuickBooks Online from the QuickBooks App Store.