Seamlessly Streamline Document Management With Hub & Link

Seamlessly Streamline Document Management With Hub & Link

Struggle with data collection and organization? Hub & Link are here to help.

What is Hub? Hub is a document management dashboard that helps you access customer information seamlessly. It allows you to collect and organize multiple client documents in one place, so you can process returns more efficiently.

Within Hub, you can check the status of a return and review any notes you have added. CRA’s Auto-fill My Return (AFMR) is also now available through Hub.

What is Link? Link is a user-friendly collaboration tool, which allows you to link up with your clients. Through this secure web-based portal, your clients can easily submit their data, such as a form or receipt.

How does Hub work with Link?  Hub works effortlessly with Link to gather client information for tax season. Through Link, you can seamlessly create and send personalized requests to clients. You can also leverage existing templates or create specific requests based on a previous year’s return and can send reminders within Link if you would like to follow up on outstanding items.

Together, Hub & Link take the hassle out of data collection. 

For more information, visit our Hub & Link website.