How I Got a Client Through Facebook

How I Got a Client Through Facebook

I think like most people, we’ve all been inundated with information on the pros and cons of social media, and while I like to market my business, I wasn’t quite sure about the whole social media “thing.” I took an online class from Jessica Swanson who specializes in marketing on a shoestring to find out the “how” of marketing on the web without hiring someone. One of the classes focused on Facebook.

I was familiar with Facebook because I have a teenage son but, otherwise, I wasn’t too involved with how it can work for business. So, as I learned more about the concept of marketing to the “masses” throughout the world for FREE (that’s an important word for an accountant), I decided – why not?

I set up my personal Facebook profile, invited family, friends and clients to “be my friend,” and also set up my fan page for the business. As my network grew and I became a fan of other pages, I met more and more professionals.

I happened to join the Entrepreneur Magazine fan page and would check what they wrote a few times a week to see what was new. On one occasion, one of their topics really caught my eye; they asked if anyone outsourced any part of their business, and if so, why? I made a comment … I noted that I outsource various areas of my business, but that as an accounting firm for small businesses, I am the benefactor of outsourcing.

As the thread of comments continued, I received a message in my Facebook inbox from a New Jersey businessperson (I’m in Georgia) asking more about what I do.

This entire process was quite interesting to me. All I did was make a small comment on a magazine’s fan page, someone read what I said and reached out to me about MY business.

Ultimately, after a few e-mails back and forth, we spoke on the phone, then continued speaking a few more times so she could get a feel of what I do for my “virtual” clients vs. getting a local person to work for her. I explained how we work and how my firm could help her small business while she grew. I gave her references so she could feel comfortable giving me her personal information.

The good news was we won the initial project. She is currently a client and has been for more than two years! We also referred her to a CPA firm that could help her file her tax returns, both personally and for the business, so the referring firm also benefited from my Facebook connection.

I have been pleasantly surprised how Facebook has helped me make contacts with individuals and businesses in my community – and even those on the other side of the world. This is just one example of a positive result I’ve had with Facebook marketing.