Solving the Pain of Payroll for CPA & Bookkeeping Clients

Solving the Pain of Payroll for CPA & Bookkeeping Clients

As a small business entity (me and only me), I am always looking for solutions that benefit my clients and myself. There is only one of me and I need all the resources available to help my clients be efficient and help them focus on being successful.

I started my accounting consulting business 20 years ago when I couldn’t find the help I needed as a bookkeeper/office manager for my husband’s business. I don’t give up that easy and I went after all the training on computerized accounting I could find and made it my mission to take the pain out of running a small business on computerized software. I believed, and still do believe, that automating the process of bookkeeping is the best thing since the discovery of chocolate! Hence my company name, “Automated Only!”

Twenty years later the available resources are better than ever and continue to answer the needs of small businesses everywhere. The choices can be overwhelming, so as a consultant, I try to keep up with the ever-evolving changes to the accounting software. I support all industries and have found that keeping clean and accurate financial records for business owners is a huge pain point. In addition, the turnover of office staff and retraining, although necessary, is a waste of time and money.

One of the significant pain points for many clients is payroll. It can be very intimidating and frustrating for a client who just wants to pay employees and not spend hours on the whole process of quarterlies and end-of-year duties. I used to offer those services along with a detailed look at their accounting for the year, but as my business grew, I wasn’t able to do it all. Still, I wanted to help my clients solve the pain of payroll.

Most of my clients were using QuickBooks®, so I already knew their needs and pointed them toward the Enhanced Payroll feature with their software. Some of the clients didn’t even want that much involvement and went to outsourced payroll services. However, the problem with outsourced payroll was the lack of integration with their software. They received packets with reports and were supposed to enter payroll through a journal entry which, at the time, was a nightmare. I never recommended these services because of the added work to me to reconcile the outsourced service data with their software.

Here is a list of features I am looking for from my payroll service:

  • Painless setup
  • Ease of entering the employee’s time and alerts that warn you if the hours entered seem off by comparing to previous checks
  • Employee’s paychecks are listed in the bank register individually for easy bank reconciliation
  • Direct deposit at no additional cost or you print the checks from your printer
  • A payroll service that takes care of all tax payments to the proper agencies and impounds the monies when due, not when payroll is run.
  • A payroll service that files all quarterly reports at no additional cost
  • One that processes all end of year filings for all agencies at no additional cost
  • Client records are available in summary or detailed reports
  • Copies of filings are readily available
  • A payroll service that fully and easily integrates with their existing software
  • Payroll anywhere anytime for the business owner and the accountant. Cloud-based means freedom!

It is November and I am so relieved that I do not have to do the payroll end of year for my clients and I do not have to spend hours trying to reconcile the numbers. They need me to review the accounting and make sure the books are ready to go to the tax preparer.

I love what I do and have worked hard to find the right accounting solutions for my clients. Intuit® Full Service Payroll meets these needs. It’s a good feeling when you know you’ve taken some of the stress and worry from business owners.