How To Improve Accounting Client Engagement

Do your clients’ eyes glaze over while you’re discussing their business and financial results?

Accounting profession consultant Steve McIntyre-Smith believes that’s because you’re talking about the wrong things.

To truly be considered a trusted advisor, you should be providing insight into how your clients can build and grow their businesses. Steve’s top tips for keeping clients engaged include:

Change the Conversation. Ask yourself: “are you talking about the right things in meetings?” Yes, the changing cost of goods sold or motor expenses do matter, but your client does not need a laundry list of line items. Instead, talk about how to build their business – and how you can help.

Offer Strategic Advice. One of the benefits of using cloud-based software is that you’re able to leverage real-time insights from your clients’ financial data to regularly and proactively identify and address issues before they arise.

Check-In Regularly.Trusted financial advisors touch base with clients regularly – they don’t just check-in at the end of the fiscal year or during tax season. Give clients a call at least three or four times a year to ensure they understand you’re invested in their success.

Watch this short video for more client engagement advice from Steve McIntyre-Smith: