Take Your Work Anywhere With Flexible Licensing

Take Your Work Anywhere With Flexible Licensing

Flexible licensing allows you to suspend your ProFile® license on an office computer and activate the same license on your laptop when you’re meeting a client at their home or business. When you return to the office, simply suspend the license on the laptop and resume the license on your office computer. 

This switch is performed without having to delete the license or purchase an additional seat. The number of seats determines the maximum number of users that can be activated on the Product Code and License Key combination.

While a base license comes with one seat, you can increase the number of seats that can be activated on your license when you purchase additional licenses.

You can activate the maximum number of seats your license is entitled to. For example, if you purchased five seats, you can only have five licenses activated at any given time. With flexible licensing, you can easily deactivate one seat to move to another computer without having to delete and then re-enter your product key and license code.

Flexible licensing requires:

  • Tax year 2017 license (earlier tax years are not supported at this time).
  • ProFile version 2016.0.3 or later.
  • Internet connection during activation and suspension of license.

You can install ProFile on an unlimited number of machines since ProFile is a free download, but what can and cannot be done in the program depends on licensing. You can add your licenses to as many computers as you wish with flexible licensing, but you can only have the number of licenses that you paid for active at the same time.

To learn more about activating and suspending flexible licensing, visit our online ProFile community.