Choosing Technology for Accounting Firm HR

Choosing Technology for Accounting Firm HR

There is a multitude of emerging HR technology solutions hitting the market today, and more and more companies are adopting these technologies for a variety of reasons.

Business owners and HR professionals can now choose from on-premise licensed software, SaaS subscription based software or hybrid solutions. There are technology solutions for recruiting, learning and development, performance and goal management, record keeping, time and attendance, workforce analytics, compensation, benefits, social collaboration, mobile access, and succession planning.

All of these options may seem costly, and possibly even unnecessary to business owners and HR professionals; however, in today’s competitive market for talent, the right software can help employers provide better employee service, recruit more qualified new hires, increase employee engagement and retention, and achieve greater HR effectiveness and productivity.

The first steps in exploring whether to adopt talent management technology are to consider the following key factors:

  • Does your organization have an up-to-date written business strategic plan that aligns with your organization’s mission and values statements? If yes, does your HR strategy align with your business strategy?
  • Do all of your stakeholders endorse and support the HR strategic plan?
  • Have you identified and prioritized key HR strategic plan action items and how HR technology can aid in achieving your objectives?
  • Have you identified your company’s desired outcomes from the new technology platform?
  • If yes, do you have a thorough understanding of current HR technology alternatives that match your requirements, taking into consideration the size of your company and HR budget?
  • Have you financially modelled the impact, including costs and savings over a 5-year period, for the HR technology alternatives you are considering?
  • Does your company’s key decision makers fully comprehend how technology impacts your current HR service delivery, user experience and company culture?

It is important for HR professionals and business owners to remember that a company’s greatest asset is its employees, and technology should be used to improve communication, provide flexibility and deliver HR services to meet the needs of those employees. HR professionals who achieve the best results within an organization understand that employees and candidates vary in their desired communication modes and technology comfort levels.

There will be tech-savvy employees and candidates who use technology in their day-to-day lives and expect to use the same or similar technology at work. There will be other employees who are uncomfortable when learning new technology and prefer a more hands-on HR approach.

Both types of communication can benefit from adopting the right HR technology platform. Utilizing technology to streamline HR processes allows your tech-savvy employees and candidates the opportunity to complete HR transactions independently, and also gives your HR team members more time throughout their day to provide hands-on internal customer service to those employees who prefer a more personalized approach.

An example of how BeachFleischman successfully uses HR technology exists in our web-based applicant tracking software, which allows us to post positions and screen applicants quickly and easily at an affordable cost. Our recruiters review large batches of applicant resumes in half the time, search our in-house database easily for prospective candidates who might like to hear about an employment opportunity and track an applicant’s progress throughout our hiring process.

We also subscribe to a third-party, web-based background verification service that handles background checks from start to finish. This service reduces our in-house administrative costs and ensures that our background checks comply with multi-state regulations. In addition, we utilize a web-based 360 performance management system that streamlines our bi-annual performance review process and allows our employees the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to their direct supervisors.

We also use a third-party payroll system that includes an HR database module. This module allows us to effectively and easily maintain and sort historical employee data. While this is not an exhaustive list of BeachFleischman’s HR technology, it does demonstrate how we tailored our HR software to meet our company’s diverse HR strategic objectives.

Prior to adopting these HR software platforms, the key factors outlined above helped us determine the most optimal HR technology solution for our company and stakeholders.