Ted Callahan announced as new accountant business leader for Intuit’s Small Business Self-Employed Group

Ted Callahan announced as new accountant business leader for Intuit’s Small Business Self-Employed Group

Ted CallahanEvery day, we focus on delivering products and services that help accountants grow their practices and scale their impact. We are doubling down on our investment in this important community across product, marketing, and customer success. To further accelerate the attainment of our vision to help accountants grow and prosper, we are expanding our accountant leadership team with the addition of Ted Callahan.

Ted, who has been at Intuit® for four years working on the QuickBooks® Self-Employed customer experience and most recently on the launch of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, joins Ariege Misherghi’s QuickBooks Experts Team as accountant leader. He will focus on deepening our partnership with independent accounting professionals, and, in this new role, will be responsible for:

  • developing new innovations specifically for accountants across the QuickBooks platform,
  • improving our current accountant offerings, including QuickBooks Online Accountant, and
  • further evolving the ProAdvisor® Program to include more and better benefits, and small business connections.

With his deep background in professional services, Ted is passionate about helping accounting professionals succeed and is excited to drive forward not only future innovations, but also build upon those that have launched over the last year. Recently launched innovations that Ted is particularly excited about include Month-end Review and enhancements to QuickBooks Online Advanced.

The new Month-end Review feature is the first end-to-end workflow built inside accounting software and specifically designed for accounting professionals to help them clean up a client’s books each month. In our beta, we looked at the accuracy of clients’ books for those who used this experience vs. those who didn’t, and saw five times fewer errors.

Several key enhancements have also been made in QuickBooks Online Advanced. Developed for the most complex clients that accountants serve, QuickBooks Online Advanced provides flexibility with more users and controls, customizable workflows, the ability to create custom fields and manage tasks, deeper insights, and stronger reporting tools. Advanced also provides integrated apps to help small business owners more efficiently and effectively run their business. Advanced recently added deep integrations with best-in-class apps partners Bill.com, Salesforce, HubSpot, and LeanLaw, making QuickBooks the single source of truth for businesses.

And, there’s more on the horizon. In 2021, Ted will be working with teams across the QuickBooks platform to bring to life further improvements in QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Payroll, and the ProAdvisor Program.

AriegeMisherghiAs vice president of the QuickBooks Experts Business, Ariege will continue the prioritization of accountants across the QuickBooks ecosystem, and is now also responsible for driving innovation for QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping for accounting professionals that deliver the service and the small businesses who use it.

Please join us in congratulating Ted and Ariege on their new roles!