Thank you for being on the frontlines of economic recovery

Thank you for being on the frontlines of economic recovery

Throughout COVID-19 and the enforced business closures, accountants and bookkeepers like you were the first people small business owners turned to for advice and support. The support took many forms – from emotional support (often listening to clients cry on the phone and reassuring them as best you could), to delivering critical business continuity and cash flow advice. At the same time, you also had to adapt your own businesses and make significant adjustments in your own lives. It’s a huge testament to your strength and resilience.

In March 2020, non-essential businesses across the country were asked to close to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. Small business owners went from having their businesses open one day, and shuttered the next. The emotional toll was huge – for small business owners and for you, their accounting professionals. You focused on helping clients operate in a new virtual world and evolve business models in creative ways. But, for some of your clients, there was no way for them to operate virtually – so you could only support them emotionally. The Small Business Relief Initiative helped thousands of businesses crowdsource funding from their local communities; others had to rely on their own cash reserves, along with advice from you, to tide them over. Once all options were exhausted, in some cases, you had to guide your clients through some of the toughest decisions around reducing staff or even shutting their doors. It was an incredibly emotional time for you and your clients.

When the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) launched April 3, 2020, you were tapped to help your clients assemble their paperwork so they could navigate through the loan processes. We heard from many of you that it was exhausting, but extremely meaningful work. You spent long hours reading and interpreting PPP loan guidance, which was changing and evolving almost on a daily basis. You helped clients assemble their records so they could submit their applications, requiring you to work long hours in May and June. Now, many of you are helping clients file their 2019 taxes by July 15. All of this took a lot of skill and a lot of coffee to get through it – and the work isn’t over yet.

Now that businesses are beginning to reopen and we are all looking to the future, we want to THANK YOU: the amazing accounting professionals who are helping their small business clients adapt and survive during these challenging times. Your strength of character and dedication to your small business clients is nothing short of inspiring.

We would like to raise a mug to you – the accounting professionals on the front lines of economic recovery. YOU are the ones who aren’t just hoping for a better tomorrow, but who are actively making it happen.