Thank you for making us better

Thank you for making us better

Since Intuit® began partnering with you more than 25 years ago, we’ve worked to understand you and your needs so that you can grow your practice and scale the impact you have with your clients. In addition to the major new-to-the-world innovations we’ve announced throughout the year, we also listen closely to where you, our accounting partners, seek improvement on existing experiences. Here’s a quick video that talks about the feedback.

Your feedback inspires and drives us and above all, I want to thank you for participating in the development process by sharing what you think. We have multiple listening posts set up throughout the year that enable teams across the organization to hear directly from you so that we can deliver smarter products and services that power prosperity for you and your clients. These listening posts include:

  • The Accountant Council, a group of forward-thinking, tech-savvy accounting professionals from around the world who help small businesses succeed.
  • Product research and early access programs where accountants test new experiences and provide feedback that shapes feature development.
  • In-product surveys to understand how likely you are to recommend the offering with an opportunity to provide written feedback.
  • In-product feedback through the “Got Feedback?” link in the upper right corner of every page we design specifically for accounting professionals like you that sends feedback directly to the product managers, designers, data scientists, and engineers working to build experiences specifically for you.

We read every single submission and collectively, they shape the future of accounting.


At QuickBooks® Connect this past year, I challenged the community to share your thoughts with us: What you like, what you don’t like, and most importantly your ideas for what we should do next. The community delivered!  More than 35,000 pieces of feedback were submitted since my challenge in November!

Your inputs ignited our imaginations and we’ve been launching more updates in the past six months than ever before. Aside from major innovations we’ve launched, here are just a handful of the things we’ve done in response to your recent feedback that we’re particularly proud of.

Smart page breaks in reports

What we heard: Many ProAdvisors® told us that creating professional-looking reports exported from QuickBooks often required extra work. Specifically, we received a comment that asked, “When I try to print the Balance Sheet and P&L reports, the report does not fit on one page and the page breaks aren’t great. The presentation is unprofessional. Can we get this fixed?” We knew that part of QuickBooks’ job in service to your profession is to make sure you are presenting content and data both accurately and professionally and knew we could make improvements to the product to solve the problem.

What we did: With smart page breaks, you can now email, export or print professional-looking client-ready reports without needing to spend time structuring pages in Excel. Smart page breaks ensures that key information like the section report title and totals are grouped together with other report-details on a single page or is broken into multiple pages in a clear, logical manner with column headers included on each page. Additionally, reports with many columns, such as a 12-month P&L report will print across multiple pages instead of condensing large amounts of information into a single page. Smart page breaks just rolled out to all QuickBooks Online users and is automatically enabled when you print, email or save a report as a PDF and can be disabled by unchecking the smart page break option.

Updates to Client Overview

What we heard: Through the QBOA feedback link, many of you told us that it would be valuable to view more than 365 days worth of client activity in Client Overview. With this longer view, you would be able to compare current to prior year activity, providing more value to your clients, and improving your ability to calculate things like flat fee pricing.

What we did: Launched last year, Client Overview allows you to look at a prospects QBO file and quickly estimate how much work will go into cleaning up and maintaining a client’s books. Based on your feedback, we just released several updates. We added greater than 90 days AR and AP transaction counts to the Common Issues card; added a custom date range filter for the Transaction Volume card and also added newer transaction types, such as Invoice payments, sales receipts, bank deposits, journal entries and expenses. And finally,  we enabled client overview for your own firm’s books so you have insight into how much clean up work needs to go into maintaining your own books.

In addition to receiving your recommendations, we love seeing your responses:

Redesigned Reclassify Transactions

What we heard: Despite being a fan favorite for many years, we heard this tool needed some enhancements to be as helpful as possible. After releasing the redesigned Reclassify Transactions earlier this year, accounting pros shared additional feedback, including a request to have date range filters matching the reports tool and adding the ability to reclassify by location.

What we did: Based on your feedback, we implemented date range filters to match the reports tool and the ability to filter and reclassify by location. Thank you for your inputs!


What we heard: Many ProAdvisors® told us that it’s easy to miss a lead email when a prospective client reaches out to you from Find-a-ProAdvisor, and that you’d rather manage your leads from the same place you’re doing your QuickBooks-related work.

What we did: In the last year alone, more than 1 million SMBs came to the platform to look for an accounting pro. We know how important this platform has been for accountants in finding new businesses to work with – and today we have 60 percent of all QuickBooks customers connected with an accounting pro as a result. Based on your feedback, we added the ability to reply to your Find-a-ProAdvisor leads from inside QBOA, which is already significantly increasing the amount of leads that get replies. Thanks to you, we are able to ensure that more small businesses who need your expertise are able to get it.

QuickBooks performance

What we heard: QuickBooks is designed so that when you are working in it, you can simply and easily get work done. In addition to regularly monitoring and working to improve how long it takes to load pages and complete key tasks, we also take our cues from your feedback to identify which areas could be simplified – so that you experience no lags in performance or access to the product.

What we did: To help you to work faster and more reliably, we have made vast performance improvements across QuickBooks. Within QBOA, some of the notable changes include a 200 percent performance improvement on adding a new client with an existing QBO subscription, and a 50 percent improvement for the time it takes to load your client list. Loading our training homepage is also 10 times faster to help you get into the topics you’re looking to master without delay. And for users with many firms who used to wait 15-20 seconds for the company selection screen to load, we hope you’ve noticed that now it’s almost instantaneous. We know that every second adds up and will continue to shave down the time it takes to get work done, so you can get back to everything else you need to do.

Helping us deliver Awesome for small businesses

That’s a lot of feedback that allowed us to innovate QBOA and related programs for accounting professionals like you, but what’s even more exciting is that your feedback allowed us to improve features in QuickBooks that directly impact the success and financial health of small businesses. Here is a sampling of exciting new changes that are directly helping small businesses make smarter decisions to drive smarter money outcomes:

  • Mileage tracker and receipt capture are now available in BOTH QuickBooks Self-Employed and QBO.
  • We released Project Profitability so that accountants and small business clients can track each project’s expenses, income, and labor costs, all in one place. With this information, you can quickly gauge how much clients are earning, and make informed decisions about how to use time and resources in the future.
  • A completely revamped QBO Payroll lineup brings extra value, confidence, and automated processing to save time. We released the new QuickBooks Online Payroll lineup this past fall, and are using guidance from your peers to ensure a smooth transition in 2020 for all current subscribers.
  • Based on accountant feedback we also improved the General Ledger report to support high transaction volumes. With the new infinite scroll functionality, running the report is up to 10x faster to help you and your clients be more productive.

So, what’s next? So much more. We may build these experiences – but make no mistake – you help us shape them. We know that accountants like you are looking for new ways of automating processes and doing things so that you can deliver more for your clients. This is something we know has the potential to impact the financial health of small businesses. As I reflect on the past year, and look forward to the next, I want to personally invite you to continue to share your feedback with us in QBOA. You can also stay up to date with our innovation pipeline through the Product Innovations timeline.

Share your feedback

Some people ask me what happens when they send feedback, while others even say it feels a bit like a black hole. I can assure you it is not lost to the universe! Every submission generates an email and Slack notification to our team that looks something like this:

I start and end almost every day by reading through fresh feedback. Our teams read every single submission, and what we read shapes how we think about the problems we’re solving and what we do next. Your feedback is invaluable and I urge you to please keep it coming.

Thank you for your continued partnership – we are truly excited for what’s to come.