The Accountable: Gabrielle Luoma

The Accountable: Gabrielle Luoma

We asked accountants what accountability means to them and how they stay accountable, and we heard a variety of responses as inspiration. Here is what Gabrielle Luoma had to say.

Gabrielle Luoma: Accountability is a hugely important part of being an accountant. Working with valued clients’ finances, as well as our own, is a big responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly.

As a CPA, it’s essential for me to know and understand my numbers. We have procedures for each and every client, but these procedures actually started with us. We treat our company just like a client’s company because it’s important to practice what you preach!

Our firm follows strict financial standard operating procedures and engages in regular meetings to ensure that we are on track with our numbers and the promises we have made to ourselves. We have similar practices with clients to keep them accountable to their goals! We know that setting goals is the only way to make goals, so making sure that our work is goal-oriented, strategic, and transparent is crucial to our business.

One of the best tools to ensure transparency and goal-oriented strategy is the Budget vs Actual Report, found in the Standard Business Overview section in QuickBooks® Online. This feature allows us to show our clients their actual progress next to their goals. Looking at our goals this way helps the client have a realistic view of what’s possible at any given time.