The Accountable: Mariette Martinez

The Accountable: Mariette Martinez

We asked accountants what accountability means to them and how they stay accountable, and we heard a variety of responses as inspiration. Here is what Mariette Martinez had to say.

Mariette Martinez: The beauty of being an accounting professional is that accountability is one of our deepest core values. However, being accountable doesn’t start with serving our clients; it starts with staying accountable and true to ourselves first. To be honest, that’s not an easy task, especially when your goal is to build a committed accounting practice all on your own.

Now, for the best news: we are not alone! We have QuickBooks®, our strategic partner, championing our success and the success of our small business clients. I know this because when I started my business over a decade ago, I chose to use QuickBooks because most of my small business clients were already using this accounting software. What I didn’t know, at the time, was the abundance of resources and cool features that were available to me that would make a big difference on how I could best serve my clients.

I became a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® over a weekend, which really helped me discover tons of software features and techniques that I’m able to use to work smarter and more effectively. What I have always appreciated about these software enhancements is that they improve not only the client experience, but also how we – as accountable accountants – can envision a better method of working in our own firms.

A great example of this is the month-end review feature in QuickBooks Online Accountant. As accountants, we have a natural tendency to create workflows that take us from beginning to end with our client’s monthly bookkeeping. More importantly, we want to feel certain that we have not missed anything and that we have covered all ground to ensure integrity in our deliverables. We also love to document our work and make notes for what we should be looking out for the next time around. Well, that is exactly how the month-end review was designed – with the accountable accountant’s needs in mind.