How Many Monitors Should You Use?

How Many Monitors Should You Use?

Remember the days when we worked on one 14″ Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)? Then, we went to 15″ monitors and could get “yellow” letters instead of the proverbial “green?” Then, COLOR … wow!

Seems like a long time ago, especially when I look at my current monitor configuration, a 22,” HD flat screen with full color. Some monitors are landscape, while others are portrait. I have five of them, plus my iPad to run my email and FaceTime (does that make 5 ½? How many do you need?

Well, if you need one more, you can’t have mine! I need all five of them (or 5 ½). My entire staff has three, but I’m considering getting a fourth for them. They can’t have five because I can’t let them catch up to me … lol.

Now, why would we spend so much money on monitors? The answer is quite obvious. EFFICIENCY. The work I do is mostly review and planning. I have the current file on my main screen and last year’s file in the left one for comparison. I have the current tax return on the immediate right and last year’s tax return to the far left. To the far right is my workflow software. I am fast, accurate and have all my information on hand. That equals EFFICIENCY!

I have them up off the desk on cranes, so that I can show staff and clients. I have them adjusted for font size so they all look the same size, adjusting for the distance away from my eyes. They wrap around my work area so that I feel I’m in a cockpit, on the way to Hawaii … oh sorry, got carried away.

Do I need another.? I went to Les’ office the other day and he has eight. Really? Sheesh! And his comment? “Well if you need one more, YOU CAN’T HAVE MINE!!

Lesson: We need monitors more than most other hardware and technology. Increased workspace means more accurate and timely work.