The First Steps to Becoming a Firm of the Future

The First Steps to Becoming a Firm of the Future

At the Intuit® QuickBooks® Firm of the Future Roadshow in Baltimore, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor® and Intuit Trainer Heather Satterley outlined the first steps to becoming a Firm of the Future.

Be the Trusted Advisor

Heather says every practice should aspire to be a Firm of the Future because the primary role of an accountant is to support clients – to be their trusted advisor. It’s essential that your practice has the scalability required to help clients, which being a Firm of the Future encompasses.

“Technology is changing and the entire industry is changing; if we don’t hone in on those skills and expand our own resources, then we can’t take that role as a trusted advisor,” said Heather.

Where to Begin

One of the first steps you can take is to attend events where you’ll learn the skills you need to move your practice forward. This will also educate you about the technology that can improve the way your firm works.

“They also need to start actually doing the workflows and understanding the different products that are available so they can start to move into that realm,” she said.

The Role of Education

Education is vital. Heather advises you to always be looking at ways to improve yourself, to adapt to the environment around you and learn the new skills that are needed today to support clients effectively.

“If you’re not adaptable in your practice, at some point you’re going to hit a brick wall,” said Heather.

No matter what stage you accounting practice is in now, if you take on board Heather’s advice, you’ll be well placed to become a Firm of the Future.