The Future of QuickBooks: A Perspective From Charlie Russell

Recently, Charlie Russell, author of numerous thought-leadership articles on, and a long-time user of QuickBooks® and related products, wrote a series with his perspective on where Intuit is headed with QuickBooks Online. 

Here's his intro:

I believe that it is important for accounting professionals working QuickBooks products to understand the direction in which Intuit is taking the QuickBooks product line in the future. Your clients depend on QuickBooks products, you work with QuickBooks products on a daily basis, so the decisions that Intuit makes will have a huge impact. I want to talk to you about Intuit and the future of QuickBooks: where I see the products going and why I think Intuit has chosen the path they have taken.

In this series of articles, I’m going to talk about my view of where Intuit is heading with the QuickBooks product line, along with some background on why I think that they’ve chosen this path. Some of what I present will be wild speculation on my part, and in other cases I’ll present material to support my conclusions. Along the way, I’m going to answer questions that accounting professionals have asked me, such as: “What is the next big step for QuickBooks Online?” “How important is QuickBooks Self-Employed?” and the all-important “Is QuickBooks Desktop Dead?

Here are the five articles to review:

We think this series provide a unique vision and want our accountant customers to also get this perspective.