The Importance of Packaging Your QuickBooks Online Setup Service

The Importance of Packaging Your QuickBooks Online Setup Service

Sooner or later, you will have to move your clients onto the cloud. So, you might as well price it properly.

That means you need a value pricing system for setting business up on a financial management software like QuickBooks®.

An important part of your value pricing system will be the way that you package and present your service. That’s because packaging influences people’s perception of quality – in this case, the quality of your services.

Why is that important? The greater people perceive the quality to be, the higher the price they’ll expect to pay.

Think About Apple

If you’ve ever bought an Apple product, you’ll know their packaging is extraordinary. Many people I ask describe it as “beautiful” or “exquisite.” And, the main reason Apple invests so much money and resources in their packaging is because they know how much it influences people’s perception of the quality of the product inside.

And, in turn, that will affect the price they expect – and are willing – to pay.

You need to do the same. So, how do you do that?

You need to create a system, and at the heart of that system, have a professional-looking brochure to accompany the service you offer for setting clients up on QuickBooks Online. This is a brochure you can use in your conversations with clients about moving to the cloud. In fact, as well as the benefits of packaging, having a professional-looking brochure has two other big benefits:

  1. It demonstrates you are an expert in moving businesses’ financial systems onto the cloud (After all, you wouldn’t go to the trouble of creating a brochure if you didn’t know how to do the work.).
  2. It gives you a system (an agenda, aide memoire or script) for your conversation with the client to help you build up the value.

Building Your Packaging

So, what goes into that brochure?

The first thing you should do is create three options (different packages) so that your client can choose the one that best represents the most value to them. This is a great first step to value pricing.  Think of these as your bronze, silver and gold options.

Why three options?

It’s what I call, ‘’The Magic of Three.’’ It’s a powerful piece of psychology because when you get your packages right, most people choose the middle option because it feels the safest. You can use this to your advantage and more clients will choose to pay you more money by avoiding your cheapest option.

Next, you need to figure out how you can make what you do more valuable to the client. What are you going to add to your silver and gold packages so that they are more valuable?  For example, as well as moving them onto QuickBooks Online, the more expensive packages might provide a training day, or a series of training sessions. Or, they might build in advice on other apps that clients can plug into their cloud accounting system. Another suggestion might be to offer advice around managing money, and recommending various apps or tools within QuickBooks Online that can help clients get paid much, much quicker.

Your Clients Need to Understand What’s in it for Them

You must make sure the client understands the extra value you’ll bring, and that’s really where a brochure comes in. A brochure becomes your system, your script and your aide-mémoire to remind you during meetings of the benefits of what you do. So, make sure you list every single benefit the client will get from your QuickBooks Online setup service.

Don’t assume your clients understand the benefit they’ll receive from all the features you have built into your options. You must explain using language they understand.

Once you package up your solution, you have a system that will give you extra confidence during your meetings with clients. Clients will start to understand the value of what you do. Not only will more people buy from you, but they’ll also be happier to pay higher prices, too.