Why the Intuit App Center Matters to ProAdvisors

QuickBooks ProAdvisors® should know about the many free, connected services you get for being a ProAdvisor. All these apps exist out on our Intuit® App Center, which is very similar to Mac’s App Store. Let’s take a quick look at what is available to you to optimize your efficiency when working in, with or around QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks Care Plus Bundle. Call (888) 333-3451 to activate your subscription to these optional services:
  • Intuit Data Protect: Automatic online backup for QuickBooks data and other important files.
  • QuickBooks Mobile (3-User): On-the-go access to customer and sales data on your mobile phone or web browser (laptop) while you are out in the field. Data syncs with your QuickBooks program automatically.

ProAdvisors have access to an exclusive ProAdvisor Connected Services support team. Just call the main PAP support number and let them know the connected service you are talking about to get routed right to them.ProAdvisors also get a year free of the following Intuit App Center Apps. These are not Intuit products, but well-known and often-used third-party apps that integrate with QuickBooks. You can sign up for your year of free subscriptions when you sign into your ProAdvisor member website. Click on Software & Discounts, and click Discount Apps. The free apps include:

1. Audit My Books Analyzer – Grow your practice while protecting clients from errors and fraud
2. XPanded Reports – Advanced QuickBooks reporting
3. ProfitSee Pro – an all-in-one visual financial analysis and forecasting
4. EX Analytics for Inventory – Optimize your inventory investment

Here are some tips about the Intuit App Center and Connected Services: