The remote worker’s guide to the galaxy in 2023, Part 6: Other little things

The remote worker’s guide to the galaxy in 2023, Part 6: Other little things

In this 6th part of this series, we will deep-dive into a few other things.


I found Convertio when I was looking for something that could convert an M4a file to an MP3 (for my podcasts, recorded with Zoom). Then, more recently, I found myself looking to convert a PDF to a JPG, and low and behold, this same tool does that, too!

It converts all kinds of documents, quickly and with great quality. I was using free converters for PDF to JPG, and dealing with all kinds of ridiculous bait and switch scams, where they tell you it’s free, but you have to pay to download. The pricing is incredibly reasonable, especially for what it does and how well it does it.


Scribe is a really slick app that lets you take any step-by-step process and instantly turn it into a guide for colleagues or clients.


Pinup is fun, but it’s also a great way to pin up ideas and thoughts, as well as share ideas with others.

In this image (click to get a closer look), you can see how I was using it to plan a course called “Understanding Financial Statements” back in 2014!

As far as remote work goes, this could be a fun tool to use for planning and outlining things. I tested the mobile app as I was writing this, and it seems a little sketchy. Plus, the company itself seems to be inactive on social media, so beware, as they may not be around for too long!

I tried signing up for a paid account (it’s only $5/month) and I couldn’t get the payment to process. So, play with it and have fun, but don’t get too hooked on it unless they seem to wake up as a company.

Timer on Google

I discovered this by accident. Open up a browser tab and type “timer” into your Google Search. You’ll get a really simple timer and stopwatch that you can set, and the time shows up in your browser tab. This is a great way to practice the Pomodoro Technique. Set a timer for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. You will be amazed at how this simple tip will boost your productivity. Extra points if you go for a 10-minute walk and get away from your computer!

Of course, you will also find a ton of timer apps in your search results.

The Opera browser

I’ll end with this one. I started using the Opera browser at the end of 2021. When you’re working remotely, you will likely have a lot going on at once, a lot of the time. I love how Opera gives you workspaces where you can organize your open tabs. It also has a great bookmark system that lets you keep the sidebar open, so that you can quickly click a bunch of bookmarks and get a lot of things open quickly.

You can learn more about Opera here.

The one thing you can count on as time goes on is evolution. This will all evolve. New apps will come out, old ones will go, and existing ones will improve. If you’re going to work remotely, then you’ll want to get used to using different apps. And, yes, you’ll probably need an app to manage the apps—I recommend Notion or TheBrain for this.

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