The Sci-Fi CPA & Bookkeeping Office With No Paper Recycler

The Sci-Fi CPA & Bookkeeping Office With No Paper Recycler

I recently watched the movie “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox, and was surprised to see how many things were already in existence compared to my original experience more than 20 years ago when I first saw this film. It’s amazing how fast technology is advancing. What we once thought as science fiction is now becoming a reality.

This also applies to the traditional office space. Office instruments are changing rapidly, but imagine an office without a paper recycler. This brings up the question: how would you dispose of confidential information? SIMPLE: press “delete.”

With paper mail decreasing and online communication increasing, it’s only a matter of time before everything will be online and the idea of a paper recycler will be obsolete, especially when printers no longer have a presence in the office. What’s next? Perhaps the pen, stapler, highlighter, sticky notes, tape … and what is there left on your desk? Already, desks are being sold without drawers or cabinets … who wants them? In fact, if you take away the opportunity to store items, you’ll find you never really needed to store anything in the first place.

Already, I’m seeing offices without computer towers, with multiple screens run off a single tablet, which takes up less space than the monitors themselves. In fact, the tablet can be taken with you to be used on the go or even for signatures using the touch screen.

I guarantee that if you take a look at an office in five years, you will be so surprised at how bare and simple it looks, even though it actually contains everything you need to be efficient and productive.

Lesson: if you can think of it, it’s most likely possible.