How the Role of the Bookkeeper is Changing

How the Role of the Bookkeeper is Changing

Business is changing, but you know that because we are reminded every day via email, Twitter, Facebook and the news. Typically, the role or job that is in a company has a definite job description.

The independent bookkeeper does not have a defined role. Oh, I know what you are saying … I have an engagement letter. The typical bookkeeper knows what services they provide to the client and the expectations. However, the changing pace and environment of industry and business technology make our roles vary every day.

Knowledge is power and education is knowledge. The typical bookkeeper is caught up working day in, day out in the business. However, we forget the importance of stepping back to evaluate the actual “role” we are playing in our client’s workplace.

Keeping your technology skill set and your education level relevant is a challenge. Additionally, training staff and support personnel is a full-time job. However, this is a requirement rather than optional. So, welcome to the new role of the modern day bookkeeper.

Sitting down and evaluating the “role” of non-job duties, I was able to see crystal clear the impact of education and technology on our role to our clients and our businesses.

Take a look and see how well your skills are fitting into the new function of the ICB Bookkeeper Technology Consultant. The world is changing, and so is the bookkeeper. Education is not optional; it’s a requirement, and the quality of that education is an essential component. The market is demanding more and more from the bookkeeper. Are you up to the task?

The above information relates to how the role is shifting not only in perception, but also in practice and job duties. The above information also clearly shows that bookkeepers have the ability to take control of their destinies and move their practices forward.

ICBUSA, a division of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, is here to elevate the bookkeepers in offering education and technology certification.

The bookkeeping profession needs to make a shift to the services that reflect their new positions regarding supporting the small business owners.

The benefits of that change in roles are greater revenue generation to the bookkeeper, more confidence in skills and value added to the overall accounting industry.

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