These are a Few of My Favourite (Conference) Things

These are a Few of My Favourite (Conference) Things

I have become addicted to conferences.

There, I said it. They say the first step to recovery is admission, and I don’t think I’m alone in this. In the past year, I attended QuickBooks® Connect San Jose and Toronto, as well as Get Connected Vancouver and IPBC Ignite. And, to be honest, Get Connected Vancouver was my favourite. So far.

Don’t get me wrong, each one was valuable in its own right, and in a perfect world, I would be able to attend each and every one, every year, but my favourite part of any of the conferences is spending time with my fellow accounting professionals. I find the larger conferences are more difficult for the personalized feel that I like, although I do try to break out of my shell at the larger conferences. I still like to find smaller events within the conference, or even hang out in the hotel lobby in the evening to see who will passes by.

What we do day to day is deal with numbers and paperwork, or maybe I should be saying "virtual paperwork." Although I like to have a personal touch with my clients, most of what we do is so isolating. I’ve found that I have really become addicted to the conferences. We get to share ideas, collaborate, visit and sometimes let loose. And yes, we still get to learn to keep us in touch with the latest changes and enhancements in QuickBooks Online and cloud accounting. We are quite fortunate to have Intuit® backing us and providing the tools and resources that we, as self-employed persons, would not normally have access to on our own. And, may I say that some of the recent changes made this ProAdvisor® quite happy; I can’t wait to see what else is coming down the pipeline.

I also love the opportunity to interact with Intuit staff on a level that is otherwise impossible. I am a huge fan of the rapid prototyping. To be able to have an impact on the product, and to have the developers hear and actually understand my wish list and reasonings for it, is quite rewarding on its own, especially when the product is revealed and something you said that would make your life easier actually made it into the product.

For example, I spent half a day in Vancouver on Profile rapid prototyping for T2s. Why, especially when I don’t prepare T2s? Some of the flow is the same, but once they have the T2 online tax launched, they’ll be working on T1s and that’s where I start to salivate. To be able to have input on the product that I use to prepare 600 T1’s a year is invaluable to me. The proper flow and inclusions will save me valuable time during an exhausting tax season.

And, let’s not forget the breakout sessions, training and upgrading. It was also interesting to read in Alan Salmon’s recent report that software and app education does not have the importance it should with the profession. This is even more important in today’s rapidly evolving world: to have your knowledge on the products that you and your clients use to be current and ahead of the curve. So, if you missed attending a breakout session that you really wanted to attend from Toronto, you just may find that it is being repeated at Get Connected Calgary 2018 and have better luck attending, as some of the more popular ones and may be repeated. Also, if you have an app that you have been trying to connect with, you may have better luck at the smaller events. I know I did in Vancouver. 

I feel this is so valuable that our entire Cloud Bookkeeping Services team will be in Calgary for Get Connected in May, so if you plan on attending, keep a look out for us and hit us up for a Bookkeepers’ Bootcamp sticker for your laptop.

Hope to see you there!!!

Editor’s note: Get Connected Calgary 2018 will take place May 28-29, 2018; register today!