Thoughts and reflections from #QBConnect

Thoughts and reflections from #QBConnect

QuickBooks® Connect 2019 is a wrap. Of course, there were the exciting announcements of new features such as the QuickBooks insights page, copying bank rules across multiple clients, business performance overview with benchmarking (whoa!), and a new expert feature the reviews the bookkeeping and automatically fixes mistakes. There was also a great lineup of celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher, pianist Jade Simmons who literally brought the house down, Common, Michael McQueen, Jennifer Hyman, and Katie Linendoll. They shared their stories. They inspired!

Public speaking

One of my bucket list items came to fruition, which was public speaking and educating. I had the opportunity to speak at a power panel for how to provide advisory services to legal clients. Best of all, I was with a group of people I truly admire!

The most meaningful opportunity came my way by way of speaking to a private group of mid-market business owners about the pain points of a growing business and some strategic forward planning for a successful and profitable future.

Brain Dates

Intuit® also introduced a new feature to QuickBooks Connect called brain dates. I loved this! It allowed me the chance to sit one on one or in a group setting. and speak with my “dates” about so many incredible topics. Some of them came to my day one brain date and followed up returning to day two. They asked insightful questions. The number one question asked of me was about working with attorneys and the app LeanLaw. I got to demo the program. In addition, they asked some intriguing questions about best business practices and how to handle difficult client issues and pricing.

Society of ProAdvisory

Another highlight for me was going to the Society of ProAdvisory special area. Once again, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor® team outdid themselves and provided the best experience of the conference. If you did not get there, find it next time. They gave us some phenomenal swag, had a juice bar, a photo section (see below), a design-your-own-T-shirt area, and you could do a quiz to find your spirit animal (I was a lion).

Watching a friend’s dream come true

Seeing my business partner Matthew Fulton’s dream come true of speaking at QuickBooks Connect was incredible. He lit up the room teaching his favorite topic Custom Fields for QuickBooks Online Advanced. Of course, the birthday cake at the end sealed the deal for a very positive experience to be enjoyed by all.

Mingling with Intuit staff

Another highlight was meeting the Intuit staff in person, such as the leader of the Global ProAdvisor Program, Misty Megia, Global Accountant Segment Leader Ariege Misherghi, Global Influencer Alison Ball, Co-founder Scott Cook, and even CEO Sasan Goodarzi, who were all so caring and giving and generous with their time.


But, as always, it is the connection with our fellow accountants that is a real highlight. I don’t think there is another profession that connects in this way. The hugs, smiles, and friendships old and new are where it’s at. I was fortunate to meet people in our Facebook Group, QB Community Live. We are not competitors, we are friends. I wonder how many more collaborations develop from this conference?

QuickBooks Connect is all about connection and community. If you have not experienced it, I encourage you to consider it next year. If you cannot wait till next November, QuickBooks Connect Toronto is just around the corner!

I will end with a quote from the celebrity speaker, Common, who shared these meaningful words that resonated with me and motivated my QuickBooks Connect:

“Your purpose is not for others to define. It is yours. Other people may not see your vision, even people who truly care for you. But it is your vision, your love, to work towards.”

Thank you, Intuit, for the opportunities and a fabulous QuickBooks Connect 2019!