Thrive 2016 Recap: Insights from Marnie Stretch

The end of November has been busy, as accountants and bookkeepers from across Canada joined us at another successful three-day Thrive conference. It was great to see the thousands of attendees talk shop about the latest goings-on in the world of accounting, and get social at events, such as a fantastic concert by Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies and a fun visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

If you couldn’t make it, Intuit® superstar and ProAdvisor® Marnie Stretch shared her top takeaways from this year’s event. (Unfortunately, those of you who didn’t attend missed out on crossing this off your bucket list: kissing the Stanley Cup!)

A Glimpse into the Future

“Being at Thrive was like having an insider’s pass into the future of the industry,” says Marnie, owner of ThinkQuickBooks. For her, it was valuable to hear the latest news from Intuit celebrities Jim McGinnis, Jeff Cates and Chris Fudge (who showed off his funny side). It also didn’t hurt to have an inside peek into various exciting new product improvements in QuickBooks® Online, the brand new QB Self-Employed and several new features that will be included in the QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version.

Thanks to the feedback of folks like yourself and Marnie, Intuit continues to tweak and make changes to all of our products. We’re constantly listening to your needs as accountants and bookkeepers and always value your opinion.

Avoid Being Left Behind

Many talented app partners and developers wowed attendees with their creative solutions and push for innovation. The accounting game is changing. And, as Eric Shinseki says, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

“We heard that the early adopters (the sharks) eat the late adopters (the fish) for lunch, and I’m quite happy those of us at Thrive mostly fall into the shark category,” says Marnie.

What’s Your Story?

Hearing CBC Dragon Arlene Dickinson talk about the time her dad had no choice but to trade in her mom’s precious wedding ring for a used car triggered a lump in my throat and a tear down my cheek,” says Marnie. “It was an amazing and inspirational story, and it was very moving to see Arlene Dickinson deliver it in person.”

We all have stories that connect us to people. If we could relate to one another in this honest and genuine way, we would live in a better business world, says Marnie.

A Bond Like No Other

“My accounting friends get me in a way unlike my non-accounting friends,” says Marnie, who enjoyed catching up with fellow accountants over business challenges, personal hardships and life-changing adventures. “From connecting with Madeline from Fathom, to sharing our excitement about our Bellabeat Leafs, to sharing my heart with friends over the loss of my mom, to hearing about Jeff Cates’ life-changing trip to Europe, fellowship is what I always love best about accounting conferences.” Marie feels that Thrive is a key place for finding this type of fellowship.

“When it comes right down to it, we are all friends, passionate about our careers, and there’s room for everyone in this crazy new accounting frontier,” says Marnie.

If you attended, what was your favorite part about Thrive?