Time to Level Up With TSheetsPRO Certification

Time to Level Up With TSheetsPRO Certification

Starting a small business is a remarkable feat of determination. It takes guts. It takes grit. And, it takes great accounting.

Today, accountants are emboldened, more than ever, by the success of their small business clients amid a swiftly changing technological environment. They’re challenged by the tough questions about where the profession is going, and they’re passionate about connecting the dots through constant education.

When the employee time tracking and scheduling app TSheets became part of the Intuit® family earlier this year, it was about more than just time cards. TSheets is also home to a fantastic accounting community (the TSheetsPRO Program) and offers a certification course to accountants who want a simple way to expand their knowledge of TSheets and cloud technology and help their clients work more efficiently. 

Once accounting professionals adopt TSheets and join the program, the TSheetsPRO Certification course allows them to focus their energy on the most important aspects of their practice and their clients’ needs. The course is three-tiered and offers simple, powerful sessions led by the PRO Support Specialists at TSheets.

There are plenty of reasons for accounting professionals to become certified TSheetsPROs (Hint: you’ll get more than an iconic T-shirt). Keep reading to learn more about how the certification is structured and what can be expected at each level of training.

Level 1: TSheetsPRO Fundamentals Certification

When TSheetsPROs complete the fundamentals course, they leave with an overview of TSheets features that can benefit their firms and their clients. They also learn how to identify which of their clients would benefit most from using TSheets.

Becoming a TSheetsPRO is great for any accounting professional looking to build confidence in the product, guide demonstrations and navigate the TSheets pricing structure. And, the fundamentals course is perfect for accounting firms of all sizes. Better understand how TSheets functions and how time tracking software can help business owners and employees succeed.

Level 2: TSheetsPRO Elite Certification

As an Elite Certified PRO, TSheetsPROs take a deeper dive into the product and learn how to provide ongoing TSheets support. Elite PROs use this course to become their clients’ go-to for training, onboarding, questions and more.

They can also delegate members of their team to complete different certification modules – such as the administrator track or the sales track – based on their role within the practice. Accounting professionals who are sole practitioners can choose the owner/partner track, which includes all the training elements in one module.

Level 3: TSheetsPRO Tech Certification

This is where TSheetsPROs become true TSheets experts. TSheetsPRO tech experts specialize in product integrations. This is the perfect course for Certified Information Technology Professionals (CITP), or anyone who wants to add additional service offerings, such as technology integrations, to their firm. By the end of the course, tech experts will know how to set up and troubleshoot integrations with QuickBooks®, RUN Powered by ADP and more.

Still not convinced certification is a good idea? Ninety-three percent of small business owners want their accountant to be certified in the products they recommend. And, “Being certified shows you care enough to invest your time in mastering a software to better help your clients,” says Joshua Lance, managing director for the Lance CPA Group.

Best of all, TSheets offers rewards for completed certification courses. Certifications have been known to include fringe benefits such as higher rankings on TSheetsPRO searches, TSheets by QuickBooks swag, highlighted efforts on social media, access to VIP events and more.

Want more information on how to become a certified TSheetsPRO and level up your practice? Visit tsheets.com/pros today!