How Many Bookkeepers Would Like Another Hour in the Day?

How Many Bookkeepers Would Like Another Hour in the Day?

There is nothing more valuable than our time. Yet, so often, it seems we are so swamped that we never have enough hours in the day to get everything done. We recently sat down with three accounting and bookkeeping experts who had valuable tips to share. Here is what they had to say:

Ingrid EdstromIngrid Edstrom of Polymath:

Having the Right People to Lighten Your Load


Another hour in the day? That is a really good question. There is no app, checklist or process that is going to miraculously make it this happen.

The only way to truly create more hours in a day is to build your team so that you have additional people working during those hours. The big question here is how to go about building the right team of people, empowered with responsibilities, that are a balance for each other, rather than just seeking an entry-level employee to assume delegated tasks.

I’ve learned a lot about working with the wrong people in a short amount of time, and now that I have the right people, I can’t imagine how I ever did any of this alone. We all need balance. There is no quick fix to bringing on a team. It’s like being a parent!

Jan HaugoJan Haugo

Apps, Apps, Apps


If you look for applications that integrate, you will save yourself more than one hour. Application integration means that you have the information pulled/entered and transferred, without having to do a lot of work yourself. Here’s how:

Ex: Hubdoc + Bill.Com + QBO


  • Pulls the bill from the vendor.

  • Codes the bill from the vendor (via the preset rules you define).

  • Sends the bill to for approval.

  • Receives the coded bill.

  • You assign for approval.

  • Syncs to QBO.

  • Allows payment to happen.

QuickBooks Online

  • Collects the accounts (expenses).

  • Review for accuracy.

  • Generates Financials.

The number of times there was human interaction here? Four times, down from a possible seven to 10 times. That’s a big difference!

Cathy Iconis of the Iconis Group:

Selective, but Effective Use of Technology


One thing I just came across is a few features in Gmail Labs that makes me going through email faster. Here are three observations:

  1. I can create canned responses, so basically, some already pre-written text can be pasted into an email and I can quickly edit before sending. This is perfect for things I usually email over and over again.

  2. There is an option to automatically go to the next email in the inbox, after archiving the one I am currently reading. I just turned it on this week and have been flying through processing emails! I now realize that I was spending more time sitting back and cherry picking which emails I wanted to read.

  3. The bank feed in QBO (and setting up bank feed rules) is usually the biggest time saver for any bookkeeper.

Through these apps, along with a great team around you, these bookkeeping experts have been able to carve out more time in their work day to get everything done. You can do the same, and start reaping the rewards today.