Top 3 tips to retain good employees

Top 3 tips to retain good employees

One of the biggest struggles as a business owner is finding the right people to do the work, so that your firm can grow. One of the best ways to find good employees – retain them (even more essential) – is to provide your staff with excellent benefits. Remember, happy staff will help your practice flourish.

Here is some excellent information from an article from Wellable:

“Employers may want to take note of just how important a positive emotional state can work to their advantage when it comes to employee productivity. In a study conducted by the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, researchers found that happy employees are 13% more productive.”

Did you know that, right at your fingertips, there are the tools you need to sweeten the employee benefits package you offer and attract a more happy, healthy, and productive workforce? Right inside QuickBooks® Online Accountant, you can access benefit services through QuickBooks Online Payroll that will help you grow your practice, and enable you or your client to recruit and retain staff.

Tip 1: 401(k) plans – A 401(k) plan helps employees save for their future retirement, and nothing says more about how you, or your clients, value staff than contributing to their future. The employer portion is also tax deductible. It is a win-win for you, your clients, and your employees, Guideline, a service provided through QuickBooks Online Payroll, gives you one of the most affordable plans out there. Set up and payments to the plan are easy and simple, and you don’t need to worry about any of the filing work associated with a 401(k) – it’s automated. Set up automatic contributions, or let employees decide how much comes out of each paycheck. Set yourself apart, or help your clients set themselves apart from other potential employers, by adding this significant benefit.

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Tip 2: Health benefits – Healthy employees equal happy ones. Offering a suite of health benefits is paramount. Did you know that a potential employee will take a position with benefits and less pay over a job with no benefits? It’s true.

Not only will benefits assist you in finding the right people, but it also shows that you or your client, as an employer, care about the well-being of employees. Adding dental or vision plans, and even a health savings plan, is another way to let employees have peace of mind for their families.

Quickbooks Online Payroll has partnered with SimplyInsured to offer medical, dental, and vision insurance nationwide, and they offer free benefits administration. The application to get started takes less than 10 minutes to complete, approval happens quickly, and the best time-saving feature is that the health deductions are calculated and entered inside the program automatically. If accountants/clients already offer a different health insurance plan, they can also connect this plan with SimplyInsured to take advantage of automated administration. For example, if they want to change a contribution, SimplyInsured auto updates it in their payroll.

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Tip 3: HR services – Compliance is at the heart of my business, and it should be at yours, too. Quickbooks Online Payroll has partnered with Mammoth so you and your client can save time and stay compliant. Stay on top of federal, state, and local laws, especially if you are a cloud accountant or your client operates remotely and the staff is located in a different state.

With a proper HR department solution such as Mammoth, you will have the instant connections to get a custom employee handbook with guidelines, build out your job descriptions, access customizable HR templates, and much, much more, As a bonus, with the QuickBooks Online Accountant version of QuickBooks, we get the Elite payroll package for free. This includes the best HR package, with a dedicated HR professional at your fingertips.

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Just a few clicks away …

In this current job market of searching for new staff, a competitive salary is important, but statistics tell us that a robust benefits package is even more critical. Knowing that it is easy to sign up for all of these services right inside QuickBooks makes adding these benefits super simple to do. Just a few clicks, and you are on your way to growing your firm, and helping you and your clients retain the happiest employees around.