Top 4 Features in QuickBooks for Bookkeepers and Accountants to Use in 2017

A new year brings a new version of QuickBooks®. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to work faster and smarter, we consulted trusted Intuit ProAdvisor® Rachel Fisch, national bookkeeping lead for Deloitte Canada, on the top 4 features that other bookkeepers and accountants should be using.

#1: Speed Up Your Setup

Fisch started our conversation by talking about the improved speed to her setup. “The fewer clicks it takes to complete a task, the better. One feature bookkeepers and accountants should be taking advantage of is the ability to add new Team Members and Clients in their QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). Not only are these features easy to find within the dashboard since they have their own category on the left side of the navigation bar, but they are also both available from any of the QBOA screens, using the + symbol at the top right of the screen,” said Fisch. She continued, “The subsequent screens, where the data is collected, are clear and concise – only the necessary information is gathered. This means no unnecessary data entry here.”

#2: Prevent Mistakes

“I can’t say enough about how powerful the dashboard is within QBOA,” says Fisch. “Not only can I see every client, but I can also see what version of QuickBooks Online (QBO) the client is using, who has last logged in to the file, the close date on files and other file details that may prevent errors.”

Fisch shared how the banking info lets you stay on top of bank links that may be broken and need reconnecting or updating. She said you can now access this goldmine of information in the Bookkeeping columns.

#3: Quick Access to Company Details

By clicking on the green QB logo from the dashboard, you will enter the company file data, Fisch relayed. By clicking on the company name itself, you can see a world of detail on a company’s file without having to enter the file.

“With the Account Watchlist, I stay on top of the reconciliation status of many key accounts,” says Fisch.

Users with Full access can add and edit client notes for all assigned staff to see. Click Edit Client to edit contact information, or assign or change team access, and click the down arrow beside Edit Client to deactivate the client.

“Remember, all this can be done without actually entering the client’s company file. Easy peasy,” says Fisch.

#4: Broaden Your Horizons

For her last favorite new feature, Fisch shared, “Within QBOA’s left Navigation Bar, the ProAdvisor Portal offers a treasure trove of resources. Need training? It’s in there! Need marketing materials? That’s in there, too! There are so many resources at your fingertips in this handy section, and it is continuously being changed and updated,” says Fisch. 

We only covered the top four features above, as recommended by Fisch, but if you have a chance, check out the updated My Profile section at the top right between the gear icon for help. Also, add QBO’s Workpapers feature to your workflow for an edge over other bookkeepers that only provide data entry services.

What are your favourite features of Quickbooks 2017?