Training your clients for long-term success

Training your clients for long-term success

You’ve determined which clients to move to QuickBooks® Online (QBO), presented your proposal based on your clients’ needs, and even accomplished the conversion process from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO.

Now it’s time to ensure your new client knows how to work with your firm. There is no cookie-cutter method, but there are certainly best practices. You’ll need them to know the following:

  • Where they should send files.
  • Who they contact for questions.
  • How they can contact you with issues.
  • How soon you’ll reply to their requests and emails.
  • Their responsibility and yours regarding transaction entry or responding to a payroll issue.

With clear expectations on how to work with your firm and their new software, not only will your clients have more confidence in your services; but they will also feel much more at ease with the entire process. More than that, this will also help you deliver a better experience than the clients ever expected!

You have likely already been training your clients in subtle ways throughout the onboarding process by helping them to know where to upload documents, how to attach a receipt to a transaction or how to set up bank feeds in QBO. But, as with anyone learning something new, clients need to hear things from you and your team multiple times, and it often helps to do it in multiple ways: tell them, email them or share a video, for example.

Remember: your firm and its processes are new to them, not to mention using QBO, and every one of your team who interacts with your clients is responsible to guide the client through your processes. You’ll also need a hand-off process with other team members, depending on the roles and functions they perform for each client.

Some firms conduct one-on-one training, while others use videos created by the firm. Combining these together could be done by doing one-on-one training using an online tool, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, and recording the call. A link could then be sent to a client to refer to later. Another option is to leverage the free videos created by Intuit®; you’ll find them here. Finally, for firms onboarding many clients at once, some firms conduct their own classroom training, using training templates provided here on the ProAdvisor/Training tab in QuickBooks Online Accountant. These are customizable for the firm, and could be a great resource to begin a more formal training program for clients or the business community at large.

Finally, remember that training is never over. Just as the client gets used to doing things a certain way, there may be a change in their business and process, your process, an additional app to use, or another awesome update in QBO that will make their business even better. There needs to be constant communication and training with clients about what they are doing or how you need them to do a function. Also include training – or you can call it marketing – on additional services you provide to other clients, or other ways you help other business owners and businesses to thrive.

As you embrace all of these tips, tricks and resources, it is an exciting time in your business. You have fantastic tools to provide great advice and insights into your clients’ businesses and success than ever before.

Good luck!