Transform Your Practice with Value Pricing Series – Part 1 of 4

Transform Your Practice with Value Pricing Series – Part 1 of 4

Designed as a webinar series to help you learn how to transform your practice with value pricing. Each in the series builds on the previous material.

The series will demonstrate a superior business model to price for professional services: selling intellectual capital with pricing based on the outcomes and value it creates, not the cost or time it took to deliver. In other words, transforming from a Professional Service Provider to a Professional Knowledge Provider.

Part 1 of 4 in the series:
"The Firm of the Future: From Professional Service Firm to Professional Knowledge Firm"

A business is defined by the value it creates for its customers. Your price speaks volumes about your value proposition, more so than any other component of your firm’s marketing. Yet, an overwhelming majority of professional firms price their services by the flawed hourly billing method. This method has become outdated, suboptimal, and driving the best and brightest out of the profession.

Customers don’t buy time; they buy value. Firms with a better understanding of value will have an enormous competitive advantage in attracting both customers and team members.