TSheets Time Tracker Brings Accuracy and Business Insight to New Levels

TSheets Time Tracker Brings Accuracy and Business Insight to New Levels

When CEO and professional CPA.CITP, Mario Nowogrodzki, realized that he was spending more time on billing and less on the growth of his firm, he knew it was time for a change. "If I am billing 35 hours per week then I am not growing the business or managing my team well. That is why I love TSheets," said Nowogrodzki.

With a business model that is based on accounting for their time, it is important that they track it well. Several employees bill for hours across multiple departments, and, with TSheets by QuickBooks®, they have been given the ability to account for all of their time and grow their business more successfully.

The firm began in 1992, implemented QuickBooks and became ProAdvisors® in 2002. In 2006, they added to their portfolio as QuickBooks Reseller Providers. When Intuit discontinued their light time tracker, Mendelson Consulting employees began manually entering time into QuickBooks and Outlook, with their administrative assistant adjusting time, and adding where necessary. This quickly became a poor solution, and one that grew tiresome. After trying out several other time trackers that were much too complex for the firm’s needs, they found TSheets at a trade show. With its quick set up, simple use and small overhead, TSheets was a great fit. Since they also had clients with time tracking needs, Nowogrodzki knew that the best way to sell something was to use it himself.

“Our entire business is based on our time in TSheets that uploads into our QuickBooks timesheets – from payroll to invoicing.” – Mario Nowogrodzki

Mendelson Consulting is a top referrer for the TSheets PRO Program because it has made such a difference in their business. Any time symptoms of mishandled timesheets appear with a client, they recommend TSheets first. Nowogrodzki firmly believes in "eating your own cooking" and the partner benefit of a free TSheets account is a huge plus! They are quick to emphasize that the customer always comes first and every decision and referral they make is with their customers in mind. Nowogrodzki says that TSheets fits this bill.

For any business, knowing where time is being spent is crucial. As Nowogrodzki put it, "TSheets helps everyone account for their time to ensure accurate billing and insight into where time is being spent. This, in turn, will help grow your business and help your clients do the same."

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