TSheets Time Tracking is Now inside QuickBooks Online

Much like the creamy peanut butter center found inside a Reese's cup, or the silky caramel found in the middle of a Rolo, there's something seriously sweet to be found inside QuickBooks® Online ... and for accountants and bookkeepers everywhere, it's going to make running payroll and sending invoices even easier.

Can you guess what it is?

If you said "TSheets" or "the top rated and requested time tracking software on the planet," you nailed it! That's right, you can now find TSheets time tracking directly inside QuickBooks Online — and that's pretty dang sweet.

How does TSheets inside QuickBooks Online work?

With TSheets inside QuickBooks Online, employees simply track accurate-to-the-second time in TSheets (from anywhere on any device — business as usual), and that time is automatically sent to QuickBooks. You don't have to lift a finger, OR click a button, to get it there.

From there, you can review, manage and approve employee timesheets directly inside QuickBooks Online. Any and all changes are synced instantly and automatically with TSheets, so that your time data is always right on point.

When you're ready to run payroll or create an invoice, you can do it all with just one click! It's fast, easy and unfailingly accurate. This truly seamless integration helps business owners everywhere save time and money on payroll, but this is a seriously sweet deal for accountants and bookkeepers, too.

So, how does TSheets inside QuickBooks Online benefit you?

  • TSheets + QuickBooks Online allows you to shave minutes off your already speedy payroll process, which means you can take on more payroll customers.
  • In your own practice, TSheets + QuickBooks Online ensures you get paid for every second worked by helping you create more accurate invoices.
  • With TSheets + QuickBooks Online, you can bill more — just by billing more accurately — and get paid faster.
  • That's more time to take on more clients and more money in your bottom line. Sa-weet!

Ready to give TSheets inside QuickBooks Online a try? Let's get started!

Now, let's talk benefits of TSheets inside QuickBooks Online for your clients.

  • TSheets eliminates paper time cards and manual time entry. This helps curb employee time theft and saves business owners thousands of dollars on gross payroll costs each year.
  • Mobile, cloud-based time tracking, complete with GPS functionality, discourages buddy punching and allows business owners to more easily manage employees in multiple locations.
  • Overtime alerts keep expensive overtime costs in check and help small businesses comply with strict FLSA overtime regulations.
  • Accurate-to-the-second time data provides real-time business insight, allowing business owners to make confident decisions when it comes to job costing, payroll forecasting, and profitability.
  • TSheets' seamless integration with QuickBooks Online streamlines the payroll process and puts more time and money back in the business owner's hands.

That's more time, more money and more valuable business insight — transforming you into an even more valuable advisor! Mmm, mmm, good.

Are you already a TSheets PRO?

Then you already have access to this truly seamless and sweet integration! Simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your QBOA account.
  • Select the "Go to Client’s QuickBooks" menu option.
  • Select your client’s account.
  • Click on the Plus menu (the + icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen).
  • Select the new "Approve Time" menu option under "Employees."

Not yet a PRO?

Join the community of more than 10,000 innovative accountants and bookkeepers just like you by becoming a TSheets PRO! As a PRO, you'll get a free TSheets account (with client referrals), exclusive discounts, access to the TSheets Accountant View (which allows you to manage your TSheets clients all in one place),and unlimited support and training from the TSheets team. Sign me up!