A Variety of Options for QuickBooks Online CPA Training

A Variety of Options for QuickBooks Online CPA Training

Ever heard of the story of the Fox and the Grapes? It all starts with a Fox walking through the woods. He sees some grapes hanging on a vine and all of sudden gets really hungry. He tries to reach for them, but they are a little too high, so he backs up and tries the run-and-leap approach, but still fails to reach them. He tries just a few more times, gives up and says, “It’s no big deal, the grapes were sour anyway.”

This is one of Aesop’s famous fables and is, of course, the source for the term, “Sour Grapes.” Because the Fox couldn’t achieve success, he gave up and blamed what he was trying to achieve. In this instance, it was lunch! Sounds silly, right?

Why don’t you follow me on another tale? This one is of a QuickBooks ProAdvisor® who has had an amazing practice for more than 20 years. She has a huge client base and can help anyone out of a QuickBooks® jam in a few seconds flat.

One day, Intuit® – her provider and supporter for so many years – dangled the fruit of the cloud right in front of her: QuickBooks Online. This ProAdvisor was so excited to unplug and drop the IT support side of her business that she runs for it! However, sometimes something is a little too far out of reach. What you really need is a ladder to reach the fruit, along with some training and support to understand just how sweet the fruit can really be.

While the resources to understand QuickBooks were somewhat limited in the past, today, it’s a totally different story. Take a look at just a few of the options:

The bottom line is that QuickBooks Online can really do great things for your business, your clients and can even make you more money. The time has come to unplug, so get a ladder, climb up and pick the fruit of the vine.