Using Digital and Social Media to Build the Firm Your Clients Want

The way that we find new clients is actually a little out of the box compared to your traditional accounting firm. The majority of our clients find us online. We've really focused on making our website look appealing to our prospects, to speak directly to their needs. The website's not so much about us. It's about our clients. We use a search engine optimization to find good prospects. We're transparent about our pricing, about the benefits that we give clients. By the time that they actually contact me, they feel like they already know me. For people that are just getting started with social media and don't really know where to start, pick one social media account, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and think about your audience. Think about the topics that they are interested in.

With LinkedIn, I made a point to connect with a lot of CPAs. I felt that, "Well, if we can find other CPAs who do things that we don't do, they might refer work to us," which they do. From one social media post on LinkedIn, we were able to get a client that earned us a hundred thousand dollars in revenues over three years. I had just become certified in QuickBooks. I was shouting it out to the world. I posted on LinkedIn. Someone that I had met networking, he liked the post. Someone who he knew thought that, "Hey, if this person took the time to like Veronica's post, then she must be a really special person. I need to meet her." Then she ended up referring this client to us. It takes a lot of time to do networking and go to events. It has just been a fabulous option for us, just to use our website and to have our marketing on autopilot.