Veem: Simplify Global Business Payments

Veem: Simplify Global Business Payments

Marwan Forzley, Veem’s founder and CEO, has a long history with online payments and e-commerce. Before founding Veem, he established eBillme, a platform providing online payment solutions to e-commerce merchants. Western Union eventually acquired eBillme, and Mr. Forzley served as general manager of e-commerce and strategic partnerships at the company.

He founded Veem (then Align Commerce) in 2014 because he recognized the need for a fast, easy and secure global payment method for small businesses. Mr. Forzley is committed to reforming old, outdated international payment and wire systems that favor big enterprises over small businesses.

“Technology is driving small businesses to expand and outsource their operations into global markets, but they’re being stifled by outdated and obsolete bank wires that are fundamentally broken,” said Forzley.

Functionality and Main Features

The Veem app allows businesses to send and request global and domestic payments with just a click. Clients can track all their transactions in real time and expect faster and safer payments than traditional bank transfers can offer.

Accounting pros welcome Veem as an easy solution to an age-old pain point: global payments. The Veem-QuickBooks® integration allows accountants to manage their clients’ international payments without ever leaving the platform. It’s fast, convenient and safe.

This ease of use, along with secure transfers, personalized service and automated reconciliation, make Veem popular with accountants. 

What Sets Veem Apart

Veem is dedicated to innovation, excellence and thought leadership in the field. Veem’s multi-rail system combines blockchain technology with traditional transfer methods. The app’s intelligent routing chooses the fastest, safest and most cost-efficient route for each payment. The platform provides real-time tracking for each transaction, and Veem’s client services team is dedicated to giving customers the best possible user experience. The combination of these features makes Veem very relevant in the global payments space.

Customer Feedback

Since Veem’s main purpose is to help small businesses succeed in international trade and the global economy, the team is eager to listen to customer feedback.

Veem’s dedicated account managers do their best to solve issues and pass on customer feedback to developers about how they can make their services even better. The product team incorporates features into their platform, based on customer feedback, to ensure all needs are met as efficiently as possible.

Working With QuickBooks

“Intuit® has provided invaluable feedback into our integration and given Veem a dynamic and competitive advantage to our small business and accountant users,” said Forzley. “By partnering with Intuit, not only have we gained trust through the Intuit name, but Intuit invests into the companies it partners with, responds quickly to any questions or concerns you have, and their organization of follow-up meetings and providing metrics does determine meaningful success, and not just a target KPI, creating a very strong and dynamic partnership.

"The time and work Intuit has invested into Veem is something that cannot be replaced," he continues. "We work with an amazing team of Intuit developers who effortlessly test our integration to help us optimize how our app works with QuickBooks. Also, we have an incredible team of marketing and program managers who are helping us grow and gain further insights into how we can best help the small business community. Growing into the UK and Australian market is a big dream for Veem, and we are excited to see our relationship with Intuit develop globally.”

“We believe Veem can help small businesses and accountants around the world, and what better partner than Intuit to expand our integration efforts with,” the team says.

Who Veem Caters to

Veem’s services are available for all businesses, especially those that have active global connections. Since Veem provides fast, secure and low-cost global payments, internationally active businesses can make the most of Veem’s services.

Regardless of the number and volume of transactions, Veem’s platform is well-suited for businesses small and large. While Veem’s licensing doesn’t allow for processing payments in certain corridors, the risk analysis team ensures each potential user is vetted to make sure their 80,000 users-strong network is secure.