What I Learned in the QuickBooks Mentorship Program, With Gisele Doucet

The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs are the ones who are always learning and adapting to the changing industry environment. To help accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers take steps towards improving their business, Intuit® offers the QuickBooks® Online Mentorship Program.

Gisele Doucet, leader and managing partner of the Art of Accounting, completed the program with Intuit partner Jennie Moore as her mentor, and highly recommends it to others. Doucet filled us in on the lessons she learned and how she’s incorporating these insights into her business.

“As a business owner, you don’t really work on the business because you’re too involved working in the business,” says Doucet. “The mentorship program allowed me to take that hour a week to have a brainstorming session with somebody who’s a strategic thinker. There’s so much bombarding us as entrepreneurs, business owners and accountants; the program allowed me to feel confident in filtering some of the noise that’s out there.”

When Doucet started the mentorship program, she was seeking new ideas, processes and software to make accounting easier and simpler for her clients. Upon completing the program, she gained insights that improved her business’ workflow processes, added new apps to her repertoire and explored ways to successfully use social media.

Workflow Process

Managing requests has always been Doucet’s biggest challenge as a business owner, and she hoped to switch to a proactive approach, rather than always being reactive. With Moore’s guidance, Doucet adopted a number of new applications and software to help her reach that goal. She took the first step by migrating her business into QuickBooks Online, and she’s implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Insightly.

A big unexpected benefit for Doucet was the chance to define her firm. “As a business owner, you find yourself going 150 miles an hour, but not always on the right task or on the right challenges,” she says. Going through the mentorship program has helped Doucet and her employees focus on what really matters, rather than what seems most urgent at the time.


Another key goal for Doucet was to narrow down the number of app choices out there, since it can be overwhelming and time consuming to research all the possible options. “I wanted a set of go-to apps that I could comfortably use,” she says. “I wanted a list of five or six must-have apps, and my key goal was to look at them and to start using them.”

Some of the apps she’s implementing include:

  • 17hats, an app that helps with small business management.
  • SOS Inventory, an app that helps track inventory, order management and manufacturing for QuickBooks Online.
  • TSheets, an app that helps track hours.
  • Hubdoc, an app that helps manage documents.

Social Media

One of the key insights Doucet learned from Moore about social media is to always address your ideal client.

“Define your ideal client and when you use social media, and use it as a communication tool to talk to them,” says Doucet, who admitted that she found social media to be daunting. “That resonated with me the most because that’s the type of social media person that I think I can become.” Because the time seemingly needed to be active on social media can be hard to find, Doucet also picked up some tips and tricks to use social media in a smart and efficient manner.

Her experience is similar to the other folk who have gone through, or are currently experiencing, in the QuickBooks Online Mentorship Program. The program includes up to six weeks of one-to-one virtual mentoring with a seasoned mentor, value pricing and social media tips, tricks and best practices, and audit and recommendations on the top apps to use to solve your pain points.

I encourage you to check out the program and sign up. You won’t be disappointed!