What is the one QuickBooks Online feature that saves you the most time?

What is the one QuickBooks Online feature that saves you the most time?

One key to being a successful business owner, accountant and bookkeeper is tapping into QuickBooks® Online features to better manage your time. Here are some QuickBooks Online timesaving features that our Firm of the Future authors – expert bookkeepers, CPAs/accountants, and ProAdvisors® – can’t live without. Enjoy!

Lynda Artesani, CQP Artesani Bookkeeping

“Accelerated invoicing in QuickBooks Online Advanced is saving me a ton of time! It is so easy to use. Right now, I am using it with a law firm that does a bunch of fixed fee invoices every month. We take the client list into Google sheets, add check boxes, they send it back to me, and I create a bunch of identical invoices using the feature.

“In the past, I used recurring invoices or duplicating invoices. It was tedious. This feature also works great for my real estate clients with late fees that I have to send monthly. If you think about it, it would also work great for anyone who creates a lot of the same invoices, such as a pool cleaning company, a landscaper, and a client that does billing for health insurance company reimbursements.”

Jason Blumer, CPA Thriveal and Blumer & Associates, CPAs, PC

“Using Bank rules is a brilliant move to make your accounting more efficient. It takes some work upfront to commit the time to use them, but when they are in place – and if kept up and managed – they make your accounting do itself!”

Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, CFE Powerful Accounting, LLC

“The ability to duplicate tabs.”

Katherine Bunschoten, ASBC Certum Solutions

“Being able to save customized reports. I have special reports that I refer to frequently, and being able to pull them right up without having to re-customize them each time is a lifesaver. A close second are bank rules.”

Carla Caldwell Caldwell Consulting & Training, LLC

“Using the reports tools in the accountant toolbox, you can set the default reporting period to “Previous Month.”  Then, every report I run in the client’s file will default to last month! Doesn’t seem like that would save much time, but after months of running reports for a client – and for each client – this one little setting saves me time.”

Diana A. Crawford, CPA Crawford, Merritt & Company

“Setting up rules for downloaded transactions. I love the automation.”

Jessica Daley, CQP Xcelerate Business Solutions

“Xcelerate really likes the management reports. We also have created reports to auto-send our clients each month.”

Tammatha Denyes, CPB TD Accounting Services

“TWO WORDS: Bank feeds. It’s the biggest timesaving feature that saves me more time than any other feature in QuickBooks Online.”

Kathy Grosskurth, CQP Bookkeeping Clean and Simple

“Bank feeds with bank rules to enter (add/match transactions).”

Hector Garcia, CPA.CITP Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC

“Bank feeds and Bank rules cuts my data entry time at least in half, compared to any other accounting software I have ever used.”

Cassidy Jakovickas, CPA MBS Accountancy Corporation

“Thoroughly thought-out bank rules. Using the auto-add feature has saved us a tremendous amount of time on our accounting work.”

Caleb L. Jenkins, EA, CQPRLJ Financial Services, Inc.

The two top timesaving features that I would reference are bank feeds and banking rules, which are closely related to each other.

Carrie Kahn, CQP Complete Business Group

“Rules, if set up right, save a ton of time in coding inside QuickBooks Online.”

Esther Friedberg Karp, MBA EFK CompuBooks, Inc.

“Bank feeds and bank rules for sure! And, I love exporting a bank rules list from one company and importing it into another company. HUGE timesaver!”

Stacy Kildal Kildal Services, LLC

“Bank feed rules. I use my credit card for all of my business expense and auto-add in the bank rules, meaning I only have to review about half of them. Also, I love recurring transactions, where we set up recurring sales receipts for all of our monthly clients and don’t have to worry about sending out 50 invoices and waiting to get paid on them.” 

Michael Ly Reconciled  

“Bank feed rules.”

Chris Macksey Prie Fixe Accounting

“Batch reclassify: When closing the books at the end of the month, I can snap through each account and reclassify miscategorized expenses.”

Susan Pruskin, CQP Susan Pruskin Consulting

“Bank feed rules. Hands down the best thing that ever happened to me!”

Richard Roppa-Roberts Quasar Cowboy Consulting

“Recurring sales receipts and invoices. Hands down the coolest thing EVER. I wake up on the 1st and the 15th, and I get to see all those notifications, letting me know that I have been paid. LOVE IT.  Invoicing/sales receipts are on auto-pilot for me.

Andrew Wall Wall CPA

“Bank feeds!”