What is your favorite QuickBooks Online shortcut?

What is your favorite QuickBooks Online shortcut?

Is there a better way to get things done? How about a shorter path to a solution, so you can spend more time with your clients – and even demonstrate your knowledge of QuickBooks® Online?

We asked QuickBooks ProAdvisors® and Firm of the Future authors to give us their favorite shortcut in QuickBooks Online. Here’s what they had to say:

Joe Abesamis, CPABaCo Group, PLLC
By far the greatest enhancement to QuickBooks Online has to be the Bill Pay powered by Melio. It is a zero subscription fee and zero transaction fee service for check writing. My firm has implemented this feature for our clients that are looking to simplify the administrative accounting functions, so they can actually focus on providing more value for their customers.

Monkeytag, LLC, an advertising agency based in Dallas, was looking for a way to streamline their bill pay process. Gary Pedroza, the firm’s co-founder, had this to say about Bill Pay: This has to be our favorite feature. Our agency is proud that all of our processes have been paperless and in the cloud from day one. However, until Bill Pay, we still had to print vendor and reimbursement checks the old fashioned way. Not anymore! Long gone are the days of manually tracking and signing checks, licking stamps, and setting up the cumbersome desktop inkjets that never really printed the way you intended. Bill Pay took a task that would typically take about an hour to complete and made it into a 5-minute checklist, with a process that is simple and efficient.

Lynda Artesani – Artesani Bookkeeping
I have two favorite shortcuts:

  • Right-click duplicate the tab. I typically have numerous tabs open when I work in a file.
  • Using workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced. Setting up the invoice once enables less tasks I have to perform because it is automated. Just a few clicks of setup and the system does the work for you. No more chasing late invoices.

Marc Berger, CPAPurely Solutions, LLC
I don’t use as many shortcuts as I probably should, but I genuinely love the “T” for today’s date in any date box. It’s like a mini-efficiency victory that just feels so good every time I use it! I know I’m totally nerding out here, but it’s even more fun sharing the shortcut with someone who doesn’t know it exists – it’s a mini mind-blown moment and a crowd-pleaser every time! Although now that the question has been asked, clearly CTRL+ALT+? or / is my new favorite because now I want to learn them all! It’s the little things that count!

Nicole Davis, CPAButler-Davis
My favorite shortcut is Ctrl+ Alt + F to search transactions because it helps me quickly find what I am looking for without digging through registers.

Matthew FultonParkway Business Solutions, Inc.
As an accounting professional who provides bookkeeping and payroll services, there are many different shortcuts that we use on a regular basis, but the one that saves us the most time is our payroll processing download trick! Here is what it does:

After processing payroll through QuickBooks Online Payroll, users are provided the option to download a packet of five payroll reports in a single excel file. Unfortunately, if you forget to download the packet right then, you are forced to download each report one at a time, unless you use the following link in a new web browser: https://intuit.me/2MAL2yb. This link will cause QuickBooks Online to immediately drop the latest packet of reporting from any company while you are logged in.

Editor’s note: Check out a video of Matthew’s shortcut below:

Sherrell T. MartinNitram  Finanical Solutions
My favorite Quickbooks Online shortcut is the Search Transactions shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + F) because it quickly brings me to that field. This is one of my most used features because I am often searching for transactions, no matter the client file.

Richard Roppa-Roberts – Quasar Cowboy
All of the date field shortcuts. T for today’s date and M for first day of the month, when in a date field. I use these constantly. Here are the other date field shortcuts:

  • Today – T
  • YeaR – Y = beginning of year R = end of year
  • MontH – M = beginning of month H = end of month
  • WeeK – W = beginning of week K = end of week
  • + or – advances the date forward or back by one day each time you press

Megan Genest TarnowThe Mobius Group, Inc.
My favorite QuickBooks Online shortcut is being able to copy and paste things from one window or document to another. As a paperless office, I love having the PDF of a bank statement up in one window, copying the amount, and pasting it into the ending balance field for the bank reconciliation. In addition, I’ve got some recurring journal entries I use with my nonprofit clients, but sometimes the account that was a debit one month will be a credit the next. My OCD accounting brain loves being able to drag and drop the rows, so that the debits come first.