What You Want to Know About QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Scheduled Reporting

What You Want to Know About QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Scheduled Reporting

QuickBooks® Desktop 2017 will have a new feature, Scheduled Reports, intended to automate the sending of reports from QuickBooks in an effort to streamline day to day practices.

Scheduled Reports is likely to be one of the big selling features of the 2017 product, and for that reason, is a prominent part of the “New Feature Tour.” This article is intended to help educate your firm and your clients regarding issues this feature will have in certain installations.

The Scheduled Reports feature uses the Microsoft Task Scheduler and requires the following conditions be met to setup and use schedules:

  • The Windows user needs to have Administrator privileges.
  • The Program must be run as Administrator via the right-click function for first use, or UAC needs to be set at “Never Notify.”
  • The Windows user must be a local, non-roaming profile.
    • Only one edition of 2017 can be installed on the machine running QuickBooks (i.e. if Premier and Enterprise are both installed the feature will be unavailable).
  • Other conditions not related to the Task Schedule are:
    • the file cannot be open in Multi-User mode at the time of the scheduled event;
    • the Company file must be set to use Outlook or Webmail and not the QuickBooks Email Service;
    • if using Outlook, it must be open at the time the scheduled report is sent;
    • the user cannot have another file open at the time of the schedule (although QuickBooks can be closed); and
    • the computer cannot be in sleep or hibernation mode.

You can find more information by clicking here.